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Well problems - Sand! Sand! Sand!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bkr43050, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. I am hoping someone else can relate to this problem and offer some suggestions. I think I may end up calling someone local to address the problem but I want to understand my situation a bit better before doing so.

    My water well is approximately 15-20 years old and over the years I have always gotten a small amount of black grit sand in the lines which requires an occasional cleaning of the screens on the lines. However, the last few days I have started getting a lot more sand and this sand is more like a white (tan) fine sand. In fact it has now gotten so bad that the hose to the washing machine which I have put a fine screen in will not even run more than a few gallons before filling and plugging the screen and stopping the water completely. My biggest concern is what has caused this change in behavior in the well. Is this a bad sign for the well itself or can it be corrected easily. I am not sure how deep the pump is sitting in the water itself. I am wondering if it is sitting too close to the bottom of the well and is stirring up the bottom each time it runs?

    I have been wanting to put in a water treatment system at some point to clean up my water some but I still don't think that I want my pump drawing that much sand through it.

    So if anyone has any suggestions fire away.
  2. tpet96

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    My grandparents had the same problem about 10 years ago. Ended up being a busted well casing. They had thought the same thing on the filter, but the they were advised by their county extension office that with that much sand and minerals coming through the line, it would just clog up the filters in a matter of days. They ended up having a new well dug with a new casing. Being only 15-20 yrs old, there might be a warranty on the casing if you are the original purchaser when the well was dug. This of course would only be if that were your problem. I'm no expert.....just giving you a scenario we dealt with a while back :) Sorry I can't help you more.

  3. I appreciate your info. That was my fear is that the well casing may have a hole somewhere. Unfortunately I was not the owner when it was done but I do know that it was done with the owners just prior to us so I know that it is probably around 15 years old. I have no idea whether there is any warranty on wells either. I am sure that this amount of sand could not be remedied by a filter. I would be carrying bags of sand out of the house.

    I am going to make a acouple calls this morning to get some information. Maybe I will get lucky and we will have a member who is in the well business who can give a professionial perspective.
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    My well has is about 20 years old, and does not produce like it did 15 years ago, I think its only a matter of time before I have to have a new one drilled. I can't really help with your problem but to me it don't sound good. My neighbors had a problem like that and had to have the truck come back in and clean it out and a couple of years later had to have a new well put in.
    As far as the filter I think it is a must, don't forget your also filling up your water heater with sand also, I would much rather change filters often than have the other problems. Also if you have to change the filters that often then there are bigger problems to find. One other thing, everytime our filter plugged it was cause I forgot to change it when I should have and I've always been in the shower when it happened. :eek:
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    That isn't good. In fact , it will probably get much worst. I was a good old farm boy and we had wells . Sand isn't good at all..... CATKING :(
  6. That was my thought as well, especially such a sudden change. I have called a guy and left a message a few minutes ago. I will post a followup as I know more.

    Thanks guys...I think.:(
  7. Assuming your well is roughly equivalent to wells I have installed for environmental work, what you are describing is quite possibly the sand used to fill in the space between the well casing and the outside of the borehole. That sand is put there as a sort of macro filter for sand and other grit in the aquifer (the filterpack we call it).

    If that is the case, then you almost definitely have a busted well casing.
  8. I figured I would post a short update on my sandy water fiasco. I called a well guy the other day and when I did so I still had somewhat of a sense of urgency. Well the guy was helpful and he did not go straight to the conclusion of doom and gloom which I appreciated. He suggested to me to go home and open up the faucet on the bottom of the pressure tank and run a significant amount of water and observe whether the problem was getting worse, same, or better. He said that he has seen often times when a well has some event that causes it to stir up but that this condition may not be a permanent one. He said he has seen it happen places and then go away not to be seen again for many years. Well I did not hold a lot of faith in this because I had run quite a bit of water the night before and it certainly did not seem to be improving. The only thing I did not do was run it from downstairs at the pressure tank. I think doing it from there allow more of the sand to be cleared all at once. That way I was able to monitor whether more was coming in. Surprisingly the condition improved, albeit not completely gone but it got better. So I gave it another day and it seems to have gone away for now at least. I am just glad that I did not get to the point of any major repair options before discovering this. And needless to say the guy that I called will get another call the next time I have any water problems as he earned my business by offering advice to save me the cost of having him come in.

    Thanks for all of the responses. I am still keeping my fingers crossed and holding onto the money.:D