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Well, I did it...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Chuck P., Nov 29, 2004.

  1. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    I finally had a long talk with my Coordinator last night and ended up resigning my position. I've been with the Company for over 11 yrs and went through some good and hard times but I finally came to realize that it was causing more problems for me and my Family than it was worth.

    Over the last few years, I've lost contact with my Wife, Children, etc. For the last couple weeks I've been laid up for some broken toes (don't ask :rolleyes: ) and I've felt better than I have in over 5 years! I haven't taken my blood pressure medicine in awhile and the last time I was at the Doctors for my toes my BP was EXCELLENT, go figure.

    Life is too short to be miserable, and I was. I just didn't realize it as I was too busy working all the time. I don't like losing the money but I "finally" realized there is more to life than the green stuff.

    Right now, I'm going to play Mr. Mom and get to know my kids again. It's amazing how fast they grow up.:eek: :D I can't believe I'll actually be home and AWAKE for Christmas for once.. I'll NEVER work 3rd shift again...EVER..

    It is very, very weird not being "Tense" every minute...I feel soo good right now, I think I'm going to go for a walk or bike ride...

    Oh yeah, If anyone needs a good, loyal employee near Springfield Ohio and the opening is 1st or 2nd shift, I'm your man ;). Plenty of Forklift, Overhead Crane and Supervisor (Team Leader) Experience.. :cool:
  2. Chuck,

    You and I may not agree on pro football, but I really hope everything works out for you. Good employees are hard to come by, and I feel I'm one of them too. I've passed up promotions so I can keep weekend days off to spend with my new wife. I choose to work third shift so I can see her during the afternoon, which causes me to lose sleep most of the time. Once I finish school (hopefully) I will not work third shift or weekends again. Way too much time spent out of touch with the real world.

    Good luck in your future plans! Here's to your health and family, the only things in the world you really need.


  3. JBJ


    Good for you Chuck. I'm happy for you. I know I hated working the 3rd shift many years ago. You could always go to work at your local fishing tackle store for the holidays. Most will give you employee discounts which comes in handy. ;)
  4. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    The thing about it, I "thought" I was happy on 3rd shift.. It wasn't until I had to take some time off due to injuries that I realized how unhappy I really was..

    Things will work out for the best. I know they will..

    Thanks for the well wishes...Things can only get better from here..
  5. Hope everything works out well for you. I had the same situation about 10 years ago, with a cruddy job and an incredible stress level. I resigned my position with no other job in line, however something did come up quickly. I have a much less stressful job now & am quite a bit happier, which is the most important thing. Good luck & take care of them kids, they do grow quick.
  6. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    Good luck! That was a life-changing decision you made, and I bet it wasn't easy. Enjoy the time you get to spend with your family!
  7. it took my dads death in 97 to wake up...
    but it was to late for my wife dad died dec 18 she left on the 26th...what timing.....
    but now i have a great wife my 2 kids from my 1st wife now know me and plus i have a 9mth old son im the richest man ever :rolleyes: .....the job is only is for ever :D :D
    good luck...and have fun with your fam...
  8. Way to go...I left a job with a major corporation 27 years ago that I really liked, but my blood pressure was "Sky High," due to the stress.

    Ended up in business for myself in the same line of work......never looked back.

    It just takes a BIG PAIR of "Hang-Me-Downs" to do your own thing.....if you gott'em, use'm.
  9. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

  10. FisherMOM

    FisherMOM Trapped in New York!

    Good for you Chuck.. in the long run, you won't regret it!!!!
    It's great to be a family, but it isn't always "The Cleavers" either!
    BUT... some people just don't realize it will never be perfect, but I believe that you getting off of the 3rd shift, will get you closer to perfect!
  11. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    One thing is for sure. I thoughly enjoy getting my daughters ready for school. I missed so many years... Never again..
  12. FisherMOM

    FisherMOM Trapped in New York!

    goodness.... did I say BUT enough times? hmmmm....
    well, I meant everything around the buts! :)

    Glad you are enjoying your girls!
    Soon they will be teenagers and think you are
    the stupidest person around... I know, I have a teenage daughter.

    And I have a 6 yr old daughter who thinks I know everything
    and worships the ground I walk on!
  13. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

    I have daughters that are 7 & 9 and they think THEY know it all.:)

    I told them Daddy might work a 2nd shift job but never third again. They grow up too fast. It seems like yesterday my son was 9 and playing baseball for fun, now he's 18 and wants to play semi pro football. :eek:

    I can feel the gray hairs growing as I type this.. :D :D
  14. CountryKat

    CountryKat Fish On!!!

    I have pretty much the same situation. Between a full time job and making my rods I havn't had time to really go fishing in almost 5 years. I miss it, and my family. Somethings gotta go. I too hated 3rd shift. I left 2 places that decided they were going to put me on 3rds even though my application said no 3rds. When I was on midnights, that was the worst 3 years of my life. Never again.

    I guess what I have been thinking about is shutting down CountryKat Fishing so I can have the time to spend with my family and teach my children about the outdoors. I will still build the rods but it will be for fun (like it was intended in the first place) 4 hours a day every evening gets a little rough. Been burning the candle at both ends and it has finally caught up with me.