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Well get the Uhaul !

Discussion in 'Fish on the Fly' started by steelheader007, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. In the beginning there was a person who thought sitting at his desk “I’ll pick up fly fishing”. I thought their cant be that much to this sport! Well with a 6 weight fly rod, and a reel with no drag bargain basement basement setup from Ervis! A person who has remained a good friend who works for the ODNR “hey you should steelhead fish” enlightened me! I thought about it not knowing anything about the fish I began to tap into the life consuming thirst for knowledge about these fish! Well 6 years later, and to much equipment now I find my self-moving where they would not know a steelhead from a sheep head! Boys I’m heading to Cincy! Well I have some time before I leave, mid January. I will be buying a few more toys down there wife has given me the green light! So with that all said to my friends we should have one get together before I go for all those who wish to do so! It’s been a pleasure, and way to many to name “you know who you are”! I will be fishing some tail waters down there, the Smokies, and the White River once in awhile where the world record brown was caught “in Arkansas”! Yes the Salmon River Trip will be on for sure every year until I cant make it !
  2. misfit

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    you'll love the white river :cool:
    i made a few trips in late fall,and camped at bull shoals state park,fishing the white and of the best trout fisheries there is,with a chance at a real trophy.