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Well 6 months from surgery and still no better

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CPTN.CROWN, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Just thought id give you guys an update on the back. At this point im worse than I was before surgery :mad: I slipped coming down the steps a month or so ago and did something that has caused new problems, and increased pain to the point where i only get about 3-4 hours sleep a night. My pain management doc thinks I broke my tail bone, and injured more disc's in the fall as im have siatic problems now. Had an mri done, and looking at it compared to the last one there are some things on there that dont look right at all :( my surgeon seems to think that its in my head, she did a miracle job on me and im just crazy. Im not crazy just so doped up on pain killers dont know what day it is sometimes. I have the honor of being in her presence Sat. to go over this new MRI and see what the hell they can do to relieve some of this pain, but im cautious to let her cut on me again. Had lots of problems post op with the office staff and not sure I can deal with that again. So im looking for a good, excellent neuro surgeon if anyone has some suggestions.

    If this gives you guys any idea how bad it is i havent even baught my fishing license this year. I think that is some kind of sin, but cant even go to work and sit in a chair for an hour without my legs going completly numb, so dont really know how I can fish. But crappielooker is going to take me carp'n so im gonna try. Anyway for those that care just thought id give an update!!

  2. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    that sounds terrible, I feel bad for you..Hope you get better!

  3. Orlando

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    Buddy I really feel for you. I herniated two disks last year at this time. I was flat on my back in bed, pain was so bad I missed my daughters high school graduation. This went on for a few months and luckily a year later I'm much better with only a bad day now and then. I was a lucky one, I was able to get better with alot of rest and exercise and streching. No one really knows how bad it is until you go through it yourself. Hope it all works out for you.
  4. I would seek a second opinion immediately. If you have a family doctor get a recommendation.

    This is just not right:

    "my surgeon seems to think that its in my head, she did a miracle job on me and im just crazy"

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    I have had 8 Back surgerys & I have always got worse after each one. Im fused & have had many complication's from the surgerys. I know how you feel right now as I feel it everyday myself. I too take alot of pain Meds. But thats the only way I would be able to do anything. I have saw some great Dr's in Columbus. Dr. Greg Maivian is on Olentangy Rd. & Dr. Robert Masone, He has a Practice in Lancaster & columbus. They have been really good to me & the care is 2nd to none. You may want to check into a Spinal Cord Stimulator, I have would know what to do if I didnt have mine. It fits under your skin & you control it with a unit. It does make you numb from the waist down, it helps out alot ! I know the pain keeps you from fishing, it has done that to me for over 7 years now. I just know my limits & try not to push myself to hard. I cant go fishing or hunting like I once did, So I just do it in Moderation & Im in bed Alot after I do go fishing just so I can rest up & get the trobbing pain to stop. Sometimes I have Flare ups & I cant stand up strait for up to a month. But I try to walk & do some stretch's, it does help out. I hope you feel better soon, as I know how frustrating it can get for you. Just hang in there. Good luck fishing !
    Cat Mazter
  6. OK, you guys got me worried now. I go in on Wed. for my surgery. I have almost no back pain, but have a ruptured disk pressing on a nerve to my foot. Been going on for years now and time to fix it. Seems pretty stright foward, but still makes me nervous.
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    I understand what your going through and feel for you. I just had my wrist worked on for the second time this April and had my shoulder cut on last weds. I also have had back problems and it is hard to explain just how painful it can be. I am due next to have 4 discs in my neck worked on and then back to the knee again. I have had 7 job related operations not counting the 2 they are trying to find time to do next.I feel like a cheap suit in the rain, falling apart all over the place. As you can tell from the other posts and mine, you are not alone trying to deal with pain and injury.And I hope it shows that it can be survived. I wish you well and can only tell you to hang in there. Hopefully you will find some pain relief. Take care
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    well..i know jason since before he had his surgery, and i must say he doesn't even look like he feels any better.. hang in there dood, we'll get some slime on you soon.. you know slime fixes anything.. :D
  9. hardwaterfan

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    you guys with these terrible back problems have my sympathies. :(

    i wouldnt put up with that arrogant doctor.
  10. My dad is a Chiropractor, so I have some knowledge, but I am not “in the field”. If you haven’t seen a Chiropractor, I suggest you have one look you over. Sometimes they can help.

    Second thing:
    All neurosurgeons think that they are GODS. They have to, to do what they do and not go nuts. When you tell them that they didn’t get it right most of them take it personally.

    Dr. Greg Maivian is good. When my dad needed his back worked on, he asked Greg to do it.

    Third item:
    Watch your pain medication guy. A lot of them are getting busted for using their own stuff. Since you are seeing a Pain Specialist, you probably already know that you will never be pain free and you will be on drugs for the rest of your life. You will be functional longer, if you can manage the pain using the least amount of drugs possible.

    Good luck
  11. Please do some research on the most up to date info you can find.

    Just read a study about surgery vs. non-surgery for backs......

    My personal experience, I have two bad discs and for 5 months starting in Jan. I did physical therapy at Hudson Physcial therapy on rt.91. I love those people. Really I do.

    Look into excercises called the McKenzie(sp?) exercises. That coupled w/ weights work (after I could move of course) and my sciatica is only very slight now and in the main symptom remover is lying prone on belly and doing back arches.....

    These McKenzie excercises are designed to move disc bulges back into place or at least off the sciatic nerve.

    It took time and I had two really bad set backs...but kept at it...

    I have heard that for a chiropractic to fix 'disc bulges / herniations' it cannot be out more than 8 millimeters or something like phsyical therapy guy was pretty objective about it (most PT people hate chiro guys) but said that disc bulges / herniations are not one of the things he wouild go to a chiro for....

    I know each person and their back issues are unique, just make sure you don't take the word of the first dr. or two or three or four that you talk to...I'm sure guys are doing the research, I just feel very bad for anyone suffering from these back issues....

    It can and does change your whole outlook on life and is very hard sometimes to stay patient, focused, and not depressed.....I almost felt my physical therpist shoulda been paid as a pysco-analyst also...

    God I wish you guys the best...whatever route you go !
  12. Don't know what else to say except good luck to you guys :)
  13. At this point a chiropractor cant do anyhting for me do to the fusion. That part is now imobilized and there is nothing that can be done. The other pain, hell they dont even know what is going on. Ive got symptoms of allot of things, but cant pinpoint one causing the problems. My family doc seems to think that this is the way i will be for the rest of my life. He said 50% of the people that have back surgery end up in the shape im in, worse than when they started. Just a fact of life. The pain management doc seen my grandpa who had the worst back he has ever seen, and said ive got many years of pain to come. The options now are a stimulator that goes directly into my spine, and a morphine pump that goes directly into my spine. He isnt sure that either would give me the relief i need at this point in time. So its just a waiting game, unless the neuro surgeon says i need another surgery wich is looking more and more possible! I just wish the numbness would go away. Its to the point now where i dont even get tingleing anymore. The legs just go numb. GOt up this morning to smoke and my legs we numb not to my knowledge. Fell face first into my chair and broke my 2 front teeth. So now I got to go to the dam dentist and deal with that pain. As far as pain meds im on enough that should knock out 10 people and still the pain brings tears to my eyes. They dont know what to do. Seems thats just the story I get from everyone.

    After looking at my mri done yesterday, versus the one that was done before I fell down the steps there is definatley something wrong. Im not sure what, but ive got 2 more disc's that look to be causing propblems. Your discs look black with a white line around them in an mri, and mine are half black half white.

    I guess the worst part of all is the problems it causes with the family life. Luckily i have the most loving wife there is. Gives me all the support one can give. But when I look out the window and see my neighbor teaching my son how to ride a bike it almost kills me. And when he brings his doctor kit in and says mommy im going to fix daddys back, man its tough.

    For those of you that have back problems I would not have surgery unless you cant move. Wich was my case before surgery. I would get 3 or 4 second opnions to ensure you are doing what needs to be done. I thank god everyday that I can walk and use my wee wee after surgery. I guess thats more improtant than dealing with pain.

    Thanks for the names Ill definatley give those docs a call and get in there to see them. My only problem is Ive requested my medical records from the surgeon for a month now and cant seem to get a copy of them. :confused: I wonder why :mad:

  14. hang tuff boy. i miss seeing you out and around.
  15. Cat Mazter

    Cat Mazter Pro Catfisherman

    You need to go read The Burton Report on Yahoo, Just do a Search for it & it is the Best Info on Back Problems I have found yet. I have Adhesive Arachnoiditis Its a Clumping of Scar tissue around your Nerves & Spinal Cord. My Nerves are incased in the Mass of Scar tissue, They cant fix it & there is nothing that can help me except Pain Meds. Exercise & My Spinal Cord Stimulator. I would seek out a good Chriropractor too. Ultrasound therepy help me some. I know my Fusion hurts me alot, along with the nerve damage I have, Its never ending Pain, Some days I cant get out of Bed or Stand up strait. If I have a flare up , Sometimes they have lasted for a year or better. So I really watch what I do. I hate to hear your having Problems, Just dont let them give you any shots in the Back. I have Proof that stuff is not for the back or for use in the Spinal Area. The Pain Dr's do think they are God. There is no one to regulate the use of the shots they give. They do it at will knowing the effects of it long term.

    Go read The Burton Report, It a very informitive website with a Link to Other's in Pain like us. You may find out some answers on there you might not of known before.

    I would also give Dr. Greg Mavian 5 Stars as a Dr, He is one of the Best & I had nothing but the best treatment from him. He is very good, He is strait forward & upfront with you, No BS with him. A+++ Dr !
    Good Luck my friend, I hope you feel better soon.
    Cat Mazter
  16. Jesus man that is enough to scare the crap out of one. Thanks for the info I guess :rolleyes: kind of wish I didnt look it up. You know you see all this stuff about surgeons and not being able to pratice, or having to shut down there pratice because of malpratice. And most of it is there fault. If you screw up then be a man and admit to it. They would rather point the finger at someone else that man up and take the blame.
  17. If you saw what is happing with malpractice ins. you might change your mind. And everyone screws up sooner or later. They just have you life in their hands.

    Chiropractors can fix a 8mm buldge? WOW, I didn't think it was that much.

    You are fighting a war of attrition. Most people who go in for one back surgery go back for a second.

    As far as your records go. Most of the time it is because the doc is too busy doing other paperwork and wants to review what is going out the door. Be nice, set firm dates. If they don’t make those dates, have a lawyer call them and set firm dates. IF they don't make those dates, SOME THING IS WRONG.
  18. Just got my mri results back and Ive got another herniated disc, 1 above where they did the fusion. I recall a conversation with the surgeon and she said that one isnt bad enough to fix. So with me not doing nothing in 6 months how does it go bad :confused: :confused: Also have scar tissue wraped around nerve roots wich cant be fixed. And some other stuff that I cant spell, but looking it up online it dont look real promising. Ill let yall know what she says tomorrow!!

    I really dont care about malpratice rates, if they didnt screw up so much they wouldnt be so high!!!! Just my opinion!!!!

  19. Cat Mazter

    Cat Mazter Pro Catfisherman

    I have 3 Bad disc's below my Fusion & it scares the hell out of me. I have to watch everything I do so closely. I just wish you were feeling better, I know exactly what you are going thru, Its tough. Just keep being Positive & things will work out. Let me know how things work out at the Dr.

    Really think about trying to see Dr. Greg Mavian, He really did me good & he is rated as one of the best. It would be worth a try, Maybe he would know something your Dr. dont ? Its just a thought, I know he was great with me.
  20. Maybe I should have made myself more clear. From what I have seen medicin is not as cut and dry as most other things. Of course, if docs know they screwed up, they should be honest about it. But most Malpractice suits are not about someone doing something they knew was wrong. It is about someone making money.