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  1. I recently got a boat w/55hp Evinrude (1978). Seems that 1 of the 3 studs that hold the starter on has been broken off of the crankcase. By stud I mean the female end that is part of the block casting. Does anybody know if this is possible to weld or have any ideas on a fix or what kind of metal the crankcase half might be made out of.
    I hope getting my 1st boat doesnt turn into a nightmare..
    Thanks to all that responded to the 14 foot thread. I ended up with a 17 footer. We'll see about the motor.
  2. if the two other bolts hold the starter firm ,I:D pass on a repair , the block is made of aluminum and its not easy to weld without taking a chance of warping the block .if you warp the block the motors toast.

  3. Help too see some pics.
  4. JB Weld or Devcon are both great epoxies for repairing Aluminum. Do you still have the stud that broke off. Where are you if you are close to Columbus I would be more than happy to help you. Brian
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    Here's a link to a product that a friend of mine swears by. It's called
    HTS-2000. He used to be a profesional welder for a few years, and says this stuff is awesome.


    Whats your location? If you are close to Marblehead, I might be able to hook you up.
  6. I still have the broken stud . THere is still mabey 6-7 threads left in the block (actually the crankcase cover). I might try a longer bolt and try to grab those threads using the broken piece as a spacer or drill and tap it for a slightly larger bolt. Or try and find a used crankcase cover..Or try one of the epoxies, or try to weld it. The starter wont stay engaged the flywheel with this bolt out. It cants away from it after a few starts and just grinds. I'll try posting some pics soon. Im stuck in Cleveland and appreaciate the offers of assistance. I may just take someone up on it.
    Thanks for the help.
  7. If it were me I would drill a pilot hole in the existing stud and use an easy out to reverse it mack out of the block. Easy outs are sold at any hardware store. You will probably need to center punch the stud first before drilling. I'm not sure how handy you are with tools but this isn't something I would do if your not to sure of yourself.
  8. you are going to have to drill it out...usually when a steel bolt seizes up in aluminum and breaks a bolt you have to drill them out,,,then tap them ,,I normally then either put in a Helicoil or put in a stud ,,and Lock tite it in, if a stud will work
  9. Lewis


    I think he is mistaking a stud for a drilled and tapped hole.
    If you notice in his original post he refers to it as a "female driiled and tapped hole".
    It sounds to me like he is missing a chunk of the casting on the outer edge that held the female threads.
    If it were just a snapped off stud,it would be a pretty straightforward repair.

    tm1669...can you provide a picture of the damaged area?
    It would be helpful to providing you with the proper method of repair.
  10. It might be repairable but I wonder what broke it to begin with. Might make sure the flywheel teeth are in good shape along with the starter bendix. You should put 3 back in it.
  11. I am sure it is a female in the housing,,I have seen this happen trying to remove a bolt the first 2 or 3 threads corrode and the bolt flexes and breaks and if you are lucky the remaining bolt threads do not damage the rest of the female threads to bad
  12. Isn't that called a boss, I believe that would also be a machined flat surface
    where the starter/bracket mates to the block, wonder if it could be pleg welded redrilled and retapped.
  13. I cant seem to figure out how to post pictures on here. Seems they are to many KB. From what I've been told this is indeed called the boss. Learning all the time.
  14. [​IMG][/IMG]
    I'll try a picture from photobucket
  15. OK
    that was a pic of the broken boss with a bolt holding on the snapped off piece. This one is with the piece off and whats left of the boss. [​IMG]
    I can still get around 3 good tunrs of a bolt into whats left of the boss.
  16. That can be fixed bud! You might have to take the motor to a QUALITY welder. Did it run ok?
  17. Looks fixable to me too. I'm not too sure on how this thing will run. I know the prior owner had it going pretty good last year. It has good compression/spark and the lower seems like the oil is clean so I anticipate a tune up/water impellar and then running it. Cant wait..
    Also has a 5.5 Evinrude to get running so I have my work cut out for me.