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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bugtussel, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. bugtussel

    bugtussel Banned

    People getting irate and,
    Demand a PM to fight. My fault.
    I sent two(plus one to Lewis(Hi), after locking the thread), to more explain my anger and, my, supposed, position.
    Not to argue, only expressing anger and frustratation. to say where I was at. Again I was wrong. Merely making an excuse.
    I was cruel to cats at one time. I can never change what I have done-and the thought that I can change another persons' views(whatever am I thinking of here), is way off base. The VA sent me home, at one time, In the worst shape I could imagine. I Believe my wifes cats nursed me back. They didn't(VA) think I'd make it. Anyway the cats really kept me going.
    Guys(you know who I mean). Sorry about the personal attack(so to speak).
    Somethings touch different people in different ways.
    I agree with the issue addressed. It is an issue that needs to be addressed, and resolved. Especially pets that shouldn't run loose. None should. I was terrified that if one, of mine, might somehow sneak out and land between the crosshairs so to speak, how much would hurt me.
    It was the glee(for that word, I am sorry-if I express this poorley), for hunting those that are out of their boundrairies. I have worked with homeless Vets over the years, and I know that, I, myself, don't always do the best thing. Having been there, I can speak from experience. Once a line has been crossed; it becomes only a point.
    I got personal and that is way off base. It can't ever be personal-It should be for the right reason. I need to remember to always try to do my best and for the right reason.
    I did this one other time under my real name.. Catlover.

    Carl(BigDaddy). My appology, You hadn't done anything, Again, way off base. I was just trying to act like a three-year old. My feelings were hurt, so I tried to hurt back I know it wasn't an issue on that trip, merely me making trouble on this end.
    Again something I did under anger/ personal issues. No excuse. My best to you, Carl.
    At least I get a chance to say good-bye before I disappear.
    Even when you Ban me again: Please don't delete this as it is sincerely meant as an appology.
  2. Are there any psychiatrists who are GFO members who might be able to give this guy some couch time?

  3. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    sheep,the closest thing we have is shari b,but i haven't seen her post for a long time. ;)
  4. Delete this thread/post is IMO
  5. OK Guys. I hereby invoke my author-tie...... this thread is going down hill fast and I have now closed it.

    Ahhhhhh...that felt good! How do you become a moderator anyhow? You like pay a fee or something or do you just gotta know the right people?
  6. Elamenohpee

    Elamenohpee Banned

    When a thread is closed that means it's time to move on....let it go Bugsy.

    You're in Cyber-space.
  7. LMNOP that was a called 3rd strike right down the middle bro :D