weight ?

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  1. me and my son r going tomarow and i was wondering if it would be safe for us to go out i weigh 220 he weigh 180 and 10-20 pounds of gear i will be going to mog. or portage tom not shure. thanks
  2. yes, there driving 4-wheelers on the portage lakes.

  3. Last year, I was pushing 290 lbs and 3" of ice was more than enough to support my big @ss plus gear. Now, I'm a mere 230 lbs and I think I could handle walking on 2" of ice...just kidding :)

    You should be fine but if you think the ice is questionable, I would keep some distance between you two when you go out if you think the ice is "iffy". Also, drill test holes every 50' or so to see what your walking on or take a spud bar with you.

    A wise woman told me once..."if you can't be safe, be careful". Words to live by.

    Tread safe!