weigh-in mortality study

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  1. http://tennessean.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070927/SPORTS10/709270382/1042/SPORTS

    With many discussions about release boats, delayed mortality and bass tournaments this past year on OGF thought I'd pass along a study conducted this past year.

    This is specific to "water weighs" compared to traditional weighs. But also suggests the temp variable as a strong predictor for extended life. (most likely 02 content!)

    So often I have commented about focusing on two things- REDUCE STRESS- INCREASE OXYGEN- & moreso on the anglers front (who hold the fish for the most of the event) compared to organizational responsibilities that simply provide for the perception rather than the science... such as water weighs and release boats.

    Note there is little indication of ALL the other variables regarding the weigh-in revealed in the study ( that could play a role in overall mortality) AND a comment from a reported participant might lend itself to some of those exact variables that flawed the study.

    I hope to get additional info from the folks involved with the number crunching!

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    We had only one fish die this year after weigh-in. But catfish are pretty tough.