weekend river fishability outlook?

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  1. I was planning a Sundat trip to the Rock or Grand. What is the expert opinion on the rivers being fishable by then?
  2. im definitely no expert but with the rock being at 4,750cfs right now and the cold weather plus the chance of precip each day i really cant see the rock being fishable at all this weekend. I may be wrong and I have no idea about the grand or the weather out that way. I would keep an eye on the flow rate for next week.

  3. Like anthol said more rain is expected, i doubt they will be ready
  4. No expert here either, but the Grand took a soaking yesterday and was already blown out. She's slightly above flood stage right now and takes forever to settle back down. This weekend is a no-go.

  5. Highly unlikely any stocked river will be fishable this weekend.
  6. For the rocky, it's been taking about four days to recover from a max peak of 3000cfs for using bait. Another day or so is added for using flies. We're about 2x that now, so I would add a couple of days to the four. That makes the weekend look tough. Maybe Sunday afternoon if we don't get much more precip. Grand will take much longer due to the larger watershed. Best bet would be to look at a map, find small creeks with some public access, and start to explore.
  7. Your going to have to wait untill Thur night/ Fri AM to find out.
    I we get no more rain, rocky can fish Sunday. Some time that river drop like a rock, other times it's steady decline.

    East brach of the rock will fish sat/sun, below the dam.
    If we get a freeze, the rivers will drop faster.

    Tie HUGE sacs!!! Golf ball sacs are not to large!!!
    Grand tribs will fish Fri/sat
  8. Id say MAYBE the beginning of the week
  9. I agree. Checked out both branches from rte 82 north. Lots of standing water still in folks front yards. Looks like large ponds in their front yards. West branch of the rocky is in the trees near rte 82. This one will probably be one of those that takes a bit longer to clear. All fords on the east branch are well covered with water.
  10. Hey looks like the rocky will fish Sunday.
    It's at 615, if we only get snow, you should have 6-10 inches of vis.
    Bring your golf ball sized sacs and have fun.

    The chargin and bula might fish also but there in the snow belt.

    Remember the frog water this time of year and flow rate

  11. fishing pole

    fishing pole Off the beaten path

    If we get a big snow make sure the parkway is open. They sometimes close it down for plowing