weekend on atwood

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    Nothing to brag about..Went camping for three days on Atwood with my Daughter and a Buddy. Fun time at camp but the fishing wasn't happening ..Didn't hit it as hard as i thought we would but still had plenty of time on the water.
    Spent the fishing time trolling

    CATS r still hitting. Caught a dozen of them trolling:confused: . Most were 12/14 inches. Caught a bunch of cats this year for not trying for them.

    Gills 1/2 dozen of those. Did have one decent at inches

    EYES 1/2 dozen all 12 inches..Talked to the local guys i see a lot and all are having a off yr.Some 15/18 inches here and there and a few 20's .Largest reported to me was a 7.5lb..Mainly hammer handles was the talk of the year..Hopefully fall will bring some better fish
  2. Good talking to you on Saturday morning Mike. After we talked, I went to the marina and got some worms. Caught 2 gills, a yellow perch, and 2 cigar 'eyes pulling bottom bouncers and crawler harnesses. We both wanted to stay longer, but I had a wedding to go to, so we quit about noon. How was the fish fry?


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    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    Good talking you also Beau...Glad to see the motor still treating you right..Never made it to the fish fry.... Heard it was a very nice event set up by the East Marina. Thought the eveing fishing would turn on.. IT DIDN'T.. So the moral of the story is ... When the fish is frying don't be a trying:).....So ya on the water... We need to hook up at Milton or West Branch sometime..
  4. Warm water temps and an over-abundance of food makes the saugeye bite very difficult this time of the year. The schools of shad on this lake right now are crazy...you would think you could walk across the lake and never get your shoes wet at times. I think this makes the saugeyes lazy and while they still feed, they can get their fill in minutes without working too hard.