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  1. first off my story probably wont be as entertaining as the actual event but....

    i took my little boat out for the first time this year and hit one of my favorite spots. i caught a nice 3lb lm for my first fish of the year. fish till just before dusk and decided to hit one more spot before heading home. i ended up hooking on one, but when i set the hook, the rod flew out of my hands and into the lake. knowing i had a nice fish and seeing my brand new rod and reel sinking i basically dove/reached for my rod. in doing so the boat tilted way more than i planned and over i went. somehow in the air i was able to do a helicopter/ninja move and go in feet first and went up to my neck in the water. i did manage to grab my rod and grab on the side of the boat. in doing so though, i pulled the side of the boat below the water line and about 50 gal of water poured in. also my aluminum chair fell on the battery and shorted it out, throwing sparks all over the place. back in the boat now and standing in four inches of water i grabbed up my rod and reeled up the slack only to find the fish was still on. all of this happened in 45 seconds im guessing.

    long story i know, but i ended up with the biggest bass of my life and one hell of a funny story. as well as a couple scrapes, a mild case of hypothermia, broken chair and a soaked tackle bag.

    water temp was around 52 degrees and fish was in about three feet of water. ruber worm.....for the report
  2. so,after all that hard work to save your rod and reel and the short swim ordeal how big was the bass.....lol

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    Great post! Congrats on the:B , I laughed my tail off on the rest of it!! We've all had some funny stories while fishing, you got the fish and your' pole back, way to go!! Hope the next :B comes into the boat a little easier!
  4. im guessing 7.5-8 pounds. i dont have a scale so i am prob grossly overshooting that. it was bigger than any bass i have ever caught by a long shot. the adrenaline probably added a couple pounds too. my buddy took a pic with his cell phone. i am trying to figure out a way to get the pic off his phone and on to a computer. the sad part is, that is the third time i have fallen out of a boat. cell phone and wallet now go into a plastic bag!
  5. lol well u might just want to either one make sure u have a life jackett on at all times or just fish from shore and reminde me never to get in a boat with u olol but congrads on the big fish:C
  6. brother didnt get the boat on shore far enough after launching...while putting some warmer clothes on i hear my brother say oh !@#$...had to hurry up and strip down to my long johns and wade out in the water up to my waste to retrieve my boat that drifted out about 20ft...that was a couple of saturdays ago...the water temp was 39 degrees...cold cold cold
  7. isnt it funny how when you add a boat to any equation it automatically increases the chance of something ridiculous happening by 95%.