Weekend Darby report

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by DarbyMan, May 28, 2007.

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    Got out Saturday and got into the smallies and rocks. Ended up with 4 each, all on topwater flies. Sunday morning was a dandy. Had a Darby grand slam! Got 1 LGmouth, 2Smouth and 4 Rockies. Again all on topwater poppers with a fly rod. That was the first LG mouth from Darby in a long time, first one in this stretch anyway, for me. Hit the creek today (Mon. afternoon) and got shutout! So I took the kids to the Bends and came home with some Perch for dinner!

    Great weekend to be out, lots of wildlife too. I made a small buck real mad when he tried to cross the creek this morning. Didn't see him, nor him see me till he was in the water. He gave me a loud SNORT! with head shake and turned around. Lots of snakes and turtles as well.
  2. I fish Darby alot , what a special hole of water ! I have caught several LM , SM and Rock bass , never heard it called " THE SLAM " I like it ! I will use that phrase in the future , thanks man .

    Keep fishin :B