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Fished conny Saturday and Sunday with hopes that Fridays blow didn't shut them down, and wasn't disappointed. Put in just before noon sat and ran straight north until we hit the 5 line. Dipsys on 1 back 140 and 3 back 160 and a rigger with a dhj 40 back and 48 down were hot. Colorado blades in copper and antifreeze on the dipsys. Ended up making three passes to get our 18 plus a throwback and a steelhead. The graph was loaded from the 5 to the 9 line. Couldn't believe the size of the fish. Only had two or three under 25"!!!
Sunday the lake was a little bumpy, but coming from the west made a nice smooth ride for us to run north. Set up around the 6.5 line and made one pass to get our 18. The fish were a little smaller, but I'm not complaining!!
Keeping my fingers crossed those fish stick around off conny for a few more weeks!!!
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