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Headed up for a long weekend for the Lake Erie Fun Shoot. Camped as always at East Harbor which is also where we did most of our fishing. Spent a day at Sandusky Bay and tried Kelly’s but WOW was it a mess from the waves the previous day. Conditions were far from great with NOAA calling for occasional 9 footers Friday during the day. Pushed water in everywhere and the fish could get to a lot of places we couldn’t. Our buddy who brought the truck wasn’t up until Friday evening, so launching/ loading basically in the parking lot of East Harbor State Park with a 30’ camper was an adventure. All around a great time as always and we did manage some good fish!
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Great time indeed !! Not many times I'm wearing thin long johns & rain gear while bowfishing.
Anyone interested in checking out the fun shoot next year, hit ReadHead or I up.
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