weed treating at portage lakes

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  1. I fished Nimisilla on monday and saw large patches of brown dead weeds, found some green grass and picked up a few fish off it. I can remember when this lake was gin clear and weedy, what happened?
    I fished North Reservoir last night and noticed the lily pads east of the launch were shriveled up like they were sprayed. Why kill one of the only sources of cover in that place?
    Can anyone explain the process or thinking for weed control on these lakes or is this a natural occurance?
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    It is my understanding that homeowners (or their associations) that contract for it get it. Just like a lawn sevice but for chemical weed control. I don't think the state has anything to do with it but I may be wrong.

    I think the state could stop it if they wanted, but I might be wrong on that too.


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    I'm honestly not sure exactly how it works. Is the DNR/city that owns the reservior/contractors? who does it. Jackson Lake in SE Ohio, has a group called "Friends of Jackson lake" that get's the funds for it, but not sure who actually applies the chemicals.

    But to answer your question as to why? There are a lot of valid reasons as to spray, however it is most likley that if there are home owners along the bank they're the ones who want it done. Also, things like lillies, lotus, and expecially spadderdock contribute a lot to the detrital buildup on the bottom of the lake. That's not neccessarily a bad thing, but someone living on a mosquito infested swamp would probably think differently.

    You're probably going to have to contact whom ever owns Nimisilla to get the actual answer.