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  1. my friend and I went to Nimisila last night and could not find any weeds where the used to be. We spoke with a few guys who said that the "Aqua Doc" was out there spraying the weeds, one fellow said he had seen them. Isn't Nimi a fishing lake not a swimming lake? Who and why would someone have this done? I'm a little ticked off about it all. The fishing is terrible during the day. The fish have nowhere to ambush prey, and ALL of this years fry/hatchlings have nowhere to hide. Seems like they're getting ate up.
  2. They were at Portake lakes (turkeyfoot) spraying last night. I wondered about the legalities of it. It had a strong odor to it also.

  3. I've know the owner since grade school. He know's water management. He's not going to risk his 20 year business by doing something illegal.
    I'm sure he was paid to do the job and do it right.

    I should e-mail him this thread. Maybe get a discount for defending his company. :)
  4. Maybe "legalities" wasnt the right term; should of said "responsible party" as the portage lakes is a public waterway and they were spraying the entire shoreline. Please email and have him respond to this thread, would save me alot of research. Of course you are going to be bias as you are friends with the corporation. Would like to know if it is the ODNR who gives Aqua-Doc the contract to do this??

    From www.aquadocinc.com:
    Aquatic Herbicides - For control of a variety of nuisance aquatic plant populations. From the range of products available, spot control within particular areas or selective control of specific plant species can be achieved. Products currently allowed for aquatic use are somewhat limited because of stringent government regulations. Proper use of these products may entail temporary restrictions on use of water for swimming, fish consumption, drinking, irrigation or domestic use. Local permits and/or licensing may be required on public and/or private waters.

    If this is the case i feel people using the lake during this time have the right to be informed of the hebicide use.
  5. I think the folks to contact are at Portage Lakes State Park. They're the ones who manage the properties, including Nimisila.

    Last contact I had there was Park Manager Bruce Carpenter. The phone number is 330-644-2220.

    Maybe he, or someone there, can answer the questions for you.
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    As far as Portage Lakes I can tell you that all of us with lake front homes were sent a notice of the spraying taking place. They said it would not harm the fish, or water sports. It said not to drink or use it for watering for 3 days. I'm not sure who pays for it but it was NOT me!

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    I'm sure it is probably ok, but sounds kind of funny! It won't hurt the fish or water sports but, don't drink it or use it for watering for three days, sorry for those poor saps who dont have this notice and are swimming or whatever in the water. dont use it for watering because it will probably kill your grass if it kills sea weed, so I wonder what it does to your intestines?
  9. I'm sure the Aqua-Doc guys were contracted by the state to keep the weeds down. And, if you have an issue on the safety of the spray, the reasons behind it, or anything else, again, I suggest you contact the folks at the state park. I left the number in a previous post.:D
  10. The real question asked is "Why Nimisila?" No lake front homes(few-not like P.L.), people are there daily to catch fish for dinner, and no swimming beaches. I'm not sure if those guys at the state parks will give me or you a straight answer - they are government! Still shaking my head over this.
  11. I'll see what I can find out....;)
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    I'm thinkin' the real issue here isn't with the people at Aqua-Doc, they're
    just doing their job. But why kill the weedbeds? I remember when LaDue
    had huge weedbeds on the main lake years ago. The city of Akron doesn't
    say anything, but that lake isn't like it used to be. We used to
    catch tons of nice perch (and they weren't white perch) at LaDue
    when I was a kid 30 years ago.
    I still think eliminating a lot of the weeds screwed it up.

    I doubt you'd find anyone knowledgeable in in lake management that
    would claim eliminating those weeds promotes a healthier ecosystem...:mad:
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    Theres one lake on route 43 we all fish I call weedinmore, stocked by Akron with neat white fish to help keep the weeds down...or does it, I bet this spray will be the next step.
    Seems to me however the crap from our cars goes into these lakes to via runoff from the roads, then you have people.. love to have a dime for every blue worm container and plastic bag I have picked up at Nimy and Mogadore and PL and.........
    I dont condone ANY foreign substance going into our public waters and Jeff...I work for the Government. All in All I agree with Big Daddy, do a touch of research and then contact the appropriate authorities. If your still not happy then take the actual FACTS {even if it means contacting chemical companies} and post em for debate. Example.. drink Mountain Dew.. ingredient number 1.. Brominated vegetable oil....look up Bromine..used in WW2 againts the Jewish race.. but I have drank thousands of gallons of it over the years. I agree to a point that introducing this stuff isnt kewl but its also us as a people that probably got it to the point where we have to do something about it now.
  14. I dont buy that killing weeds is always detrimental to fishery. Yes, no weeds is bad, but we have all seen some smaller lakes or drainage ponds so weed choked in mid summer that there is no oxygen or space left for the fish.

    I'll give you that today in June there are not too many weeds in the lakes, but you know they grow exponentially over the summer. It is entirely possible that an early spray now while the weeds are still emergent and few in number curtails the population explosion we see later in the summer and leave us a lake with a healthy but not overwhelming amount of weeds all summer.

    Again, speculation. But I doubt there is any other purpose for spraying Nimi.

    Obviously I would defer to anything that came from the lake management at the State Park or ODNR.
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    I'm more concerned with what washes off that golf course
    on Turkeyfoot rather than the weed spray.They gotta be
    putting some nasty stuff on that grass?
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    Good thought PAYARA. !% :(
  17. I spoke with some people that told me that Bald Eagles nest around out there. I know of an osprey nest at Long Lake, so don't these birds of prey eat fish? Think they could read a sign? Does the state post that those lakes are sprayed so poeple don't take fish home for "three"!? days? N.W.F.? I don't know if you need to kill ALL the weeds, but I do know those schools of this years hatchlings have nowhere to hide. Does it equal bad management - who knows, and I bet the reply to that question depends on who you ask it to!-right 47. creekcrawler has one case point to study!
    Why Nimisila? - Portage Lakes homeowners association provides money to kill weeds there. If I had a high dollar home and my backyard was full of weeds I think i'd would have to do something about it,---- maybe not spray!