Weed killing at Portage

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  1. I wish that someone knew if the weed killing could be curbed at Portage. IMO they don't have to kill the weeds in EVERY lake on the chain. Then, they don't even post it at the ramps, because your not supposed to swim or eat fish within a certain timeframe from application. Kill all the weeds, kill the fishing! I signed a petition at LBF this winter, Does anyone know what become of that? I hope Nimi isn't next!
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    I signed the same petition. What's the buzz on this? A couple of the lakes have really nice weed beds and a few are a vast waste land.


  3. My tournament @ Nimisila yesterday was my 1st trip to any of the Portage Lakes. If it weren't for those weed beds we wouldn't have filled out our limit...even if it was a sad 6.14 (w/ 1 weighing 3.2!). From what most of the guys said, the weed beds aren't anything like they used to be though.
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    Nimisila used to be full of sweet weedbeds, seems like the last two years they have been disappearing. I've seen them kill weeds on Portage before, the weed killing people literally went right between my boat and the shoreline we were fishing, like we were invisible or something!
  5. Call the state park office and ask the park manager. I'd also call LBF and ask what became of the petition. I'll be there tomorrow and will inquire.

  6. While I agree the weed killing is taken to the extreme in places I don't think it kills the fishing, you do have to change how you fish for them. This might sound waaaay out there but I always look forward to fishing after the weed kill (usually after July 4)!

    If the weeds were left totally untreated anything less than 10 feet would be unfishable other than boat lanes. It throws the fishing off kilter for a bit but really doesn't harm the fish (this is evident every fall and spring when pigs abound!).

    I biggest problem I see is that the spraying doesn't seem to be controlled by the state but by the individual property owners. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.