Wednesday crappie at o'shay

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    Capital outdoorsman day late, dollar short

    Decided to leave work early yesterday and boy I was glad I did. Went up to oshay with a buddy for some crappie action and they were on fire. I only fished in two different spots the whole afternoon. We boated close to 50 and kept about 15 that were 10-12 inches (mix of blacks & whites). Haven't had a day like that in a long while.

    Most came tightlining minnows and jigs in 9-12 fow. Bite was real soft on the way down, sometimes didn't even notice but once you hooked em they were fighting pretty hard for crappie. A few of the bigger ones came on roadrunners. Also boated 4 catfish ranging from 15-22 inches. The 22 incher was a flathead that went about 7 lbs or so. Always fun on an ultralight.
  2. Nice day! Sounds a lot like my day at Griggs. Water temps were a consistent 65 degrees from N to S (unlike the 10 degree N to S differential this past weekend). After blanking out on the largemouth early on, I switched to an ultralight with a 3" white Gulp minnow grub on a 1/8oz jighead and tried for some smallies. Hooked, fought, and lost what would surely have been my personal best smallmouth (looked to be 18-20" when it jumped by the boat) when it broke my 4lb test line midway between the rod and fish -- sounded like a guitar string snapping as I had my drag clamped down too tight! Later in the same spot I thought I had him again, but instead I landed (I loosened the drag!!!) a 22+ channel cat that went 4.5lbs. Also boated a ton of rock bass and some crappie, sunfish, and small SM in the late AM.

    Mid-afternoon I happened upon a school of crappie in the main lake, most going 10-11". Held the boat in place with the trolling motor and caught about a dozen or more in 45 minutes in a space about 40' x 40'. They were in 8-10 FOW. Switched back and forth between the jig and a white/pink Vibee, and they hit each about the same -- although strangely I did a worse job hooking them with the Vibee than the jig. Those were my first fish on a Vibee, so maybe I'm just doing something wrong...

    So, get out there and them while they're hot. Every one I caught yesterday is still in Griggs swimming...