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Wed night tourney at Portage.........

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Skarfer, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Who fishes/fished this tourney at portage lakes last night????? Anyone from in here??

    I fished it last night for the first time with a buddy of mine. This was the first "T" I've ever fished (with my boat). MAN!! Did I have fun! I think I've found my new hobby...........

    We didn't do too well, threw our fish out before weigh in - we only had 3 in the livewell. I caught one (not a keeper) on my first cast - knew we were doomed from then on!! I got 2 in the livewell and my buddy 1........he had a nice one break off.

    Looked to me, at the weigh in, that about 10lbs won it?? Is this correct?? Does anybody know what big bass went????

    thanks! hope to see some of you out there again! I've got the bug now!!!!
  2. always keep your fish for weigh in. I know a guy that won a tourny off of 15oz plus you will have your name on paper and thats farther than some guys get

  3. Yeah - I understand that.......and good point.

    We only had about 4lbs..........and from what we saw at weigh in - it looked like it took 10lbs to win..
  4. Bassboy883

    Bassboy883 Frog This

    I fish it every week I can, its a tough tournament and I've been fortunate to place the past couple weeks. I worked last night but talked to my buddy who did fish. He said it took 11-5 for 7th place and 14-12 to win it. its been taking over 10 to place for a little while now. The lake is on fire.
  5. WOW! We stayed and watched some of the weigh in - and it looked like there were several teams around we thought 10 would win. 14, HUH??? Unbelievable.

    It makes me wonder what these guys are using to catch that much fish in 4 hours?????
  6. Bassboy - check your pm's...........
  7. Bassboy883

    Bassboy883 Frog This

    once you figure it out you can load the boat quick. I had 14 pounds in the first 30 minutes of the tournament last year but it still wasn't enough to place that night
  8. I fished it and big bass was 4lb 10 oz and the winner ws actually 14lb 2oz I beleive. I know it was 14lb something. Even 7th place was at 11 lb something. I couldnt beleive it cause we did not catch anything. Just a few hits. Which we found crazy cause two weeks ago we caught over 20 fish unfortunantly we only had 10 pounds. Seems like it really slowed down I dont know where these guys are getting these fish and on what. I was really shocked at the weigh in wed. cause most guys I passed on the water were not getting any either.
  9. Well, then I feel like I accomplished something for my first "t"......we had 3 fish in the livewell come weigh in time - 2 of which were mine. Didn't have any where near enough to place.......but at least we didn't get skunked!

    I'm amazed too - at the lbs these guys are pulling in and what are they using??!?!

    I "heard" alot of the guys just drift out by the entrance to the ski zone and pull lots of bass out of that weed bed that runs through there........on what though, I have no idea.

    I'm sure I could ask what everyone's catching them on - but I seriously doubt I'd get an honest answer - if one at all! HAHA!!!!

    Good luck guys, and I hope to see some of you there the next one I fish!!!!
  10. Hey Skarfer, if you need someone to fish with one of these weeks let me know, I would love to try it out.
  11. Soon as I can talk the wife into letting me fish it more - I'll do that! You and I need to hook up and get out one of these days anyhow!

    I've got to take you out ahead of time and see how well you it a "tryout" if you will! HAHA!!!! Kidding......
  12. Dmuntean

    Dmuntean Bassmaster

    Skarfer, there's an easy answer to what works out there. Just think..... what is a deep running lure that you can rip through weeds. There are a couple good ones that work well.
  13. how much does it cost to get in them? and how many fish is the limit??
  14. $20 Per person, 5 fish limit. 13" minimum.