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  1. I'm looking for a good website that would sell wholesale flies. I do tie my own, but they are a few patterns I'd rather pay $5 a dozen for then tie. Has anyone ever bought flies this way, if so, what was the site and would you recommend doing this.

    Thanks guys.

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    I use and Big Y fly company have ordered multiple times and have benn satisfied. I do tie my own but sometimes they can be bought cheaper. They run deals every now and then for about 29cents a fly.

  3. Mike Schmidt from does the best flies I have seen and is fairly local, ( Columbus, ) you name it he will tie them!! and let me stress that when you pay 29 cents for a fly, you do get what you pay for, Mikes are quality an hold up really well, Im a guide and have him tie up a bunch of crappy patterns that I hate to tie ( Copper Johns, intricate streamers, etc)

    Contact Mike at:

    Tell him Salmonid sent you...

    Good luck, Salmonid
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    I have fished with those 29 cent flies and they seem to hold up for me. I think they are just odds and ends. I do try to support local in most cases but if you want cheap thats usually not the best bet.
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    Just a thought -
    What about teachin a kid to tye? doesnt matter if it's your kid or a neighbor kid or whatever, offer to show them the ropes and maybe help with some supplies to get them started if they seem to take to it and enjoy it then pay them a few bucks for tying for you. My dad taught my nephews to tye and the older one goes to the shows with him now and then and usually makes a few bucks selling his work, and he's getting pretty good at it, nothin like being 10 years old and having a $100 in your back pocket for something you love doing to motivate you.
    reminds me, the little brat still owes me three dozen streamers..
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    I tie just about all of my flies. I have bought flies only when I first started fly fishing and found out that they don't hold up well at all and can go thru a lot of flies in a hurry and cost can add up. You get what you paid for. Most flies that are really cheap are made in over in China world by young people according to a reputable fly tier. I do my own ties cause it is so much more enjoyable to catch fish on what you tied yourself. You have the option of changing a design of the fly to suit your fishing which can make or break. Which makes fly fishing great. Buy locally to support them is better to pay for less and cheap.
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    Teach your wife to tie, keeps her quiet and then she'll be on to go fishing and use her flies. Ok not reallly but you never know. I do agree with Salmonid in that most cheap flies are tied on really crappy hooks, these hooks will rust over time and are inconsistant, you may get some that hold up but do you really want to risk a broken hook on the fish of a life time. I you have had succsess with a company stick with them but be aware of the risk. S