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  1. Went out for breakfast this morn at the circle and decided to take a spin up by the lake for the heck of it. There where police, ambulance, rescue crews etc walking out on the ice. They blocked the west ramp off and as I was leaving I stopped at the far and of the parking lot and talked to one of the firemen. I said "are you guys doing some training out here today ( had been told this by a bystander) He said NO! we found car tracks and foot prints heading out in to the lake and the car has went thru. They where unsure of the exact situation. Life trans was on the way ( I didnt see the point in that after we had been there for 30 min ). I wathced two rescue guys walk straight off the west ramp and out about 3/4 of the way straight across the lake to a clear ice/ wetter area. I am very curious what happened if anyone hears. I certainly hope some teens did not decide to go for a joy ride on the ice.


    under the right conditions there is a chance u could be brought back to life after being in the cold water for over thirty minutes. hopefully nothing serious happened

  3. I remember some one doing that last year. Just a stolen vehicle.:confused:I hope!
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    Last year I had went there on my way back from Skeeter and it looked like someone drove down a launch and the Jeep Cherokee was at the other side of the lake. Could've been driven back off, my guess....STOLEN!
  5. YES a car was driven out onto the ice at WB divers found it but no one was in it. Channel 8 just anounced it at 10:15 P.M. As I said no one was in it and they said it was going to stay threr till the ice melted . Where is the EPA.....
    if it was in Lake Erie they would want it out as soon as possible.
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    I heard the guy was trying to place a new crappie crib:D Seriously though, I heard that he jumped out of the car as it drove onto the lake and then the car continued to where it went through the ice. The driver was taken to the hospital and was fine.
  7. They are going to leave it there so that every drop of oil and gasoline can empty into the water?
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    Maybe the ODNR can get involved and pressure the right people to remove that car immediately.
  9. According to the Record Courier him and his wife had a spat and he got even. Say he got out about 100 ft. from where it went in, guy had guts could have went through before he got out. Anyhow we need it out of there as soon as possible.
    :F GOOD FISHING GUYS and not buy the car:F
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    "OH, Crapp".............there goes another "dent" in the fish population at my dear old WB.....................
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    "the guy had guts"...cmon the guy is a total f- head!!! hope he gets fined thru his arse...jail t he jackass and make him clean the lakeshore for the whole summer. how ridiculous. low rent hillbillys...!
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    Rather than just post about someone doing something, I just got off the phone with John Wilder, the West Branch Park Manager.

    Right now, he said that they are looking at what they can do and how soon they can do it.

    There is still communication needed with the car's owner, and other agencies to determine how, and when the car will be removed.
    John told me that the car is roughly 1,000 feet out from the west ramp, and almost to the north shore.
    The use of float bags and towing it back to the west ramp is the method being considered. This may have to wait until the lake ice is gone.
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    What a piece of work.:mad:

    For something 1000' from shore, I doubt they would have a cable that long to winch it back to shore and I doubt they would take a tow truck on the ice to attempt a tow.

    On the bright side, we know the ice is pretty thick out there. I haven't gone out on the ice there this year because I haven't trusted it.
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    Definitely Mike. And you just mentioned two of the problems they are facing.

    John Wilder said that the length of cable is one problem, and how can you know that the ice is safe to work on.
    They could maybe cut a channel to tow it back to the ramp(my thought), but that would be a ton of work and cost!
    Otherwise I have no idea how they could get the car back up on top of the ice short of a crane/ helicopter. :eek:
  15. Perhaps the Corp of Engineers can
    get that car out, And a use of a helicopter
    isn't a bad isea? But that fool should pay for it!
    I just hope they can find a way to get it out soon?

  16. If the fluids are the primary concern, couldn't they just send a member of the dive team down and siphon out the fluids then wait for the ice to melt and pull the thing out?

    Just a thought.
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    Naturally no pollutants would be ideal, but the amount of gas and oil in a car, even if the tanks are full and every drop leaked out, would be no great threat-or even a minor threat. What are we talkin', maybe 4 quarts of oil and 20-30 gals of gas at the max? Lightyears more gas and oil pollutants are emitted through our outboard exhaust every season and have been since W. Branch was inundated as well as every other place ic engines are used.
    This guy is an obvious moron and was probably drunk at the time. Lets hope he's made to own up with a hefty fine for the time, trouble, and cost to the emergency services. A sort of user fee applicable to morons/drunks only.
  18. I agree, and if it's a hyundai, chances are we're talking about a 12 gallon tank.
  19. Heck! what are the gps, coordinates.... sounds like a good crappie and walleye spot to me!
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    drove over to the ramp this morning i could barely make out where it went through,i thought there would be a big opening but it was hard to see the spot, i was just east of there a couple of weeks ago fishin ,that would have been weird seeing a car coming out if you were out there fishin,i,d be thinking now there,s one lazy guy that doesn,t want to walk out,guess his wife really pi@#@#ed him off......