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  1. well the family and i made it to portland,oregon a few days ago. i haven't had a chnce to fish yet but when i do i will let you all know how i did. i got to stop in and look around a cabelas in idaho on the way man that place is huge . i went in a local wal-mart to see what they had in the sporting goods area and all they had was trout fishing stuff . i sure hope to find a place to bass fish out here or it will be a long fall and winter. i will back in ne ohio in march .
  2. Will, there's a 'fairly decent' steehead river that runs right thru Portland(and goes all the way to Idaho, I think!). If you have ever fished the Erie tribs for them,(or if you haven't!) you will definitely want to give this one a try!! There's also some huge, rod&reel catchable, sturgeon living in that river! You may not know it yet, but you are a lucky man!

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    When I was younger I spent a few summers with relatives in Portland. Fished the Columbia River for steelhead and salmon every chance I could as well as the high lakes around Mt Hood for eastern brook trout and the ocean for whatever would bite. Enjoy your time out there it is a once in a lifetime adventure. I have never fished for them but there are some BIG walleye in the Columbia River.
  4. thanks for the tips guys . i will for sure try out to get some of the steelies and eyes. it i s a once in a lifetime chance . but i am still looking forword to coming home in the spring to fish with my ogf buddies and hope to meet news ones too a few guys on here have gotten me hooked on eyes.
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    Enjoy your trip. I wish I was up that way. Post some pictures if ya would.
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    Try to get out to the coast and get after some halibut.
    Enjoy your trip Will.