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  1. :F Want to go to West Branch this week comming, havn't been there for a while, how is the water and are there any fish to be caught. Have done well on crappies just about everytime I went out but as I said haven't been there for a while, where would you suggest I start looking for the slabs, do you think they are shallow by now, or still in deep water.
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    I was there yesterday. Water temp. 66-68. West side is pretty muddy and the water clears as you head east. I didn't make it up by the dam, but water is probably cleanest there. Water level is very low.
    The crappie I caught were deep, 15 FOW. I used jig & twistertail without too much success. I could see the fish on the sonar with bait going right thru them, but few takers. Perhaps live bait would work better.

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    I fished WB Saturday. I couldn't buy a crappie bite all day. Had a senko type zoom texas rigged and was throwing it around while looking for crappie and caught five bass. My buddy came out about 6:00PM and he caught some bass too in the main lake weedbeds.
    After dark he left and I went down to Silver Creek and trolled back to the CL launch. Picked up a nice walleye on Ol' Petes worm harness trolling the dropoff on the south end of the lake east of the beach where some big stumps are.
    Probably could have caught some more but I kept going to the ramp and left about 9:30PM.
    Nice to meet you papaperch.