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  1. forum,
    Very seldom do I fish for these fish, but have often wondered... How many are in the lake, 100 or 200 maybe a 1000...
  2. Well they stock it with one fish per acre each year so many more than 100 or 200.

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    I managed to put 8 muskie in the boat there this year with one over 50 inches all were released so I can say for sure there are at least 8 :)

    I believe they have stocked and average of over 2600 muskie into West Branch each year for at least the last 14 years
  4. I did fish there today. We did not catch anything. We marked a ton of nice fish in the deeper water 10 to 12 foot down. The big feed will happen soon. There is a nice population of muskies in there.
  5. There aren't any muskie in there. Ffffish caught the last 8. lol Those marks are all carp and cats.
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    According to the ODNR reports, roughly 3-6 % (on average) of stocked fingerlings will reach the 36 inch mark. So according to the math, out of 2600 fish stocked per year, somewhere between 78 and 150 "catchable" muskies are added to the lake every year. I would say your guess of 1000 would be somewhere in the ballpark, maybe even a lot more. Who knows?
  7. forum,
    What would the lake look like if there were a thousand boats on it.... now replace the boats with muskies... I think the actual number could be far less... If the number is that high or higher wouldn't the fishing results be better...what's the growth rate of a muskie... stocking 2600/year for 14 years with a , worst case, survival rate of 3% would come to 1092 fish...that's a very good number...
  8. There's over a hundred boat parking spots at rocksprings and twice that at the East ramp add up the slips at the marina plus what's there at the new campgrounds ramps and I'll bet there could be 500 boats out there on a buisy day?
    90% of that species are being caught by 10% of the fisherman.
  9. If you look at in terms of acres (2650), if there's one for every acre (probably not, but maybe) that's 2650, if there's one for every five acres (I hope there's more than that, but I can't prove it with my catch rate), then there's 530. The number probably lies somewhere in between.