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  1. Might have to break up 20 feet of ice but looked open on the dam. Casted X-Raps off the east end. One nice rain and Im on it. Skeeter had 1-3in of ice on it. Too bad! A couple more days of cold weather we would have been out there drillin holes. Tried off the docks and only foul hooked the shad. Waters clear and it sure was nice using the tip-ups.
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    What about the ramps at WB Jig? I'm jonesing, the spillways aren't flowing. Can I take the boat out or should I just go carp fishing from shore at a local creek?

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    60+ degrees for the next few days

    Jig: I'll look for you....... what type of boat do you have ?

    I have a gray 16' G3

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  4. With the temps and rain the snow up there is gone. Ramps are clear! I had ice pushing up on shore just off the ramp to the right. Ice in front of the ramp was maybe 20 feet out. The rest looked open. No ramp lights though. Dont know about the west end but its probably froze. Im shooting for mon till tuesday out there. Looks like nasty/windy weather thursday so itll be muddy after that. Looked stained last night. Im in a 14ft White specrum. Hope too see ya out there!
  5. there will be a couple of boats out there today, if were able to get out let you know ,tonight ,if you dont go yourself. sonar gone fishin!