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  1. We were out from 2-7 today, not one fish. It was horrible. A few nibbles that was it. The closest living thing to us was a few seagulls swooping down and stealing our fish. So far everytime we have been out to WB this year we have had no luck at all. I really don't think I'm gonna head back there anytime soon. We do better at Berlin:mad:
  2. It was a tough day today. Water color was terrible. We fished from 7:30 till 3 or so and did catch fish below rock springs road but it was very hit or miss. The crappie were hard to find but when we put it in front of them they would nail it but I think you practically had to hit them on the head!

  3. WE had em jumping around out there we were trying to hit them in the head, but nothing :(
  4. We were out there today and between the two of us we had about 20 keepers.... and about 10 or so smaller ones.... less then 10in... the fish were there ..... and the didn't want to be found... they were deep in the cover and in about 3ft of water...

  5. Those jumpers are carp. I saw them when I was out this morning for a couple hours seeking crappie and caught one 4 in. gill the whole time. I'm trying to have it mounted to remember the trip by, but all the taxidermists I went to wouldn't stop laughing long enough to discuss a price! I'm going to try freeze drying it like kastaway used to do!! I tried the wood(6 in. to 6 ft.) in some of the south bays but the wind has been(and remains) out of the North so I guess with the cold rain and chilly north wind, it was not a good day for crappie?! Should have gone to the shallow west end perhaps.
  6. Coot

    Coot It's all about the doin'

    Fished from 8:00Am to 2:00PM today

    Hit most of the north side bays on the east end of the lake.

    No muskies.......not even a follow

    Casting Buchertail spinners....crankbaits and jerkbaits

    Did manage 3 small bass and a crappie.

    They are fish of 10,000 casts......so I put in about 300 today.
  7. ...Coot... You only have 9,700 casts to go ....keep trying.
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