Wb 11/23/08

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  1. My brother and I got out at 0900 and fished until about 1500. Bob got a 30" muskie on a Legend Perch in Orange with black dots. Only fish or strike of the day. I personally had the worst luck ever. Lost a brand new 10" and an 8" Tuff Shad and just to add insult to injury the second snag also cut through the rope on my lure retriever and I lost it too! Rick (ffffish) and Bill were there for about the same hours and unfortunately did not get a fish. Maybe they were too warm and comfy to concentrate. lol Great to see you guys again and I'll let you know about Salt Fork Friday.
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    I saw yesterday that you were going out at 9:00AM.
    Where did you launch (RS ramp?) and are the docks out yet?

    I wanted to go but it just makes me real nervous when there is snow on the ramp. I have nightmares of the truck and boat sliding down towards the water and there is nothing I can do but hop out to save myself.

  3. We launched at the west ramp. The docks are still in. Rick went there at 0730 and shoveled the snow off one of the docks and put some salt down on the ramp. It was still icy but we took my brother's boat and he and Rick have 4 wheel drive. I don't think I could have pulled my boat out. Not sure how much longer the docks will be in. They will be pulling them soon I'm sure but as you know they pull them around the corner into the adjoining bay so you can park your boat there while getting the truck.