Wb 10/05/08

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  1. Went out in the fog this morning and my brother joined me @ 0730. He got this nice 38" at about 0830. It's nice to have some one else in the boat and get some decent pics for a change so I thought I would post it.

  2. Nice catch I still haven't taken the boat out to WB yet, I gotta get out there. With the fog it looks like you are fishing Erie.

  3. Lewzer

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    Here's a picture of West Branch above the fog this morning. I was wondering whether you were out there.
    Nice fish!

  4. MuskieJim

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    Great pics, both of you! Nice ski there Mac, I'm still itching to get out at WB and start trolling some BIG baits. Turnover is done, correct?
  5. Muskiejim,
    I saw your question about turnover, it is not even close to that , yet. Pymatuning this morning had a surface temp of 60, I would think WB was about the same. Turnover STARTS, when the surface temp reaches 50 degrees. It takes awhile even at that temp, unless a major cold spell sets in.
    When you see the dark decaying vegetation on the surface, you will know turnover is taking place.
  6. John's right. WB was 63.5 first thing in the morning anf 66.3 when I left at 1400. I would go with the big baits though. That's what we did for the most part.
  7. Thanks BD. We had a good time.
  8. mirrocraft mike

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    Nice fish guys...Only been to WB once this yr.
    Plans are to hit WB this weekend. Anyone else going Saturday or Sunday?
  9. I have to golf at our company outing Saturday but I'll more than likely be there sometime this weekend.
  10. Steve,
    Golf is for people who donot know how to fish!!! I coached high school golf for about 15 years. The greatest game ever invented!
  11. MuskieJim

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    Thanks LD! I couldn't remember if it was 60 or 50 degrees when turnover begins. Thanks for the never-ending knowledge! I'm going to back myself into your rod locker one day and learn all of your secrets!
  12. mrphish42

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    Man, what a post (it has it all).......MM....nice catch, great pic. good to see some one is taking advantage of those poor fish at WB.....Lewzer(MIKE) top notch pic. guess you got to take your balloon ride. Had to be cold as all get out up there...LD(John)......glad you only golf when it's to bad to fish ( sure would miss your posts and pic's) as I told you earlier. MJ... I whisper WB MUSKY to you each time I pass thru your area (on 44) on my way to the GRAND to fish for steelhead....HOPE EACH ONE OF YOU GUYS HAS A GREAT FALL SEASON (IT'S BEEN OFF TO A GOOD START FOR ME)..........Jon Sr.
  13. Nice fish, Steve!

    Lewzer, that pictures rocks. I used to fly ultra-light aircraft.
  14. John, I couldn't agree with you more. I once was on my way to being pretty good. Shot 80 to 81 consistently by the end of my third year. Then it turned into a once a month frustration. Now it is once a year with a lot of drinking involved. lol
    Vince, I instantly got this mental picture of you buzzing around the lake doing re-con. lol I could just see you up there. I wanted Mike to spot fish for me but the fog prevented a spectacular day.
  15. Steve let me know next time you're out. I'll follow you as you troll and let you know if anything is near your baits.:D
  16. That would be cool Vince but I think I'd rather be up there with you. Pilot to co-pilot. Rodger and out.