wax worms

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  1. has anybody ever tried to raise wax worms? if so, how'd it work out for ya. i'm feeding a rock bass about 5-6". thanks
  2. You can buy 250-500 at a time at Grubco. Pretty cheap too.

  3. fishslime

    fishslime Catch it, then eat it :)

  4. Buy them here....JaDa Bait.com. Free shipping.

    They also have combo packs of maggotts and wax worms.
  5. thanks guys, very interesting video.
  6. I'm trying to raise some right now. I got like 40 waxworms cocooned in a glass ja. Since we didn;t get any safe ice I just throw the ones that coccon into the jar.
  7. ..Wax Worm Farming...Very interesting video ...Fishslime...Next time I put a wax worm on a hook I'm going to pick him or her up look it in the eye and say...I Know Where You Came From....THANKS...C.L...
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