waterproofing trailer light bulbs

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by corndawg, Apr 26, 2008.

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    My boat trailer has the type of lights with the bulbs. I always unhook them before I put the boat in the water but the problem of the bulb burning out was always after I loaded the boat, the connection are still wet and after hooking up the cables sooner or later a bulb would short out. I was talking to another boater while at the dock and he told me to take a glob of bearing or axle grease and grease the connectors on the bulb before putting them in light socket because the grease will make the connections water tight. It sounds like it should work and he swears by it but before I make a mess of the connectors I was wondering if anyone else has heard or tried this.
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    there is a special non-conductive gel to use on connections in a wet enviroment. it does not waterproof(what can) it prevents corrision from forming by displacing moisture. go to a boat shop or auto parts store and tell them what you want. it comes in a small tube and is usually clear. i would not start putting axel grease in my electrical connections.

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    Corrosion will not burn out bulbs. Keep them from working or burning bright, yes.
    Sounds like you are really flooding the fixture.
    Hot bulb and cold water not a good mix.
    Time for new submersible light fixtures.
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    That is what I use on all my trailer light bulbs. Just pull the bulb and smear some on the connections and around the metal on the bulb. This will help keep it from getting rusty and stuck in the socket. I also put some of the grease on my plug end for the lights. The words "diode grease" keep coming into my mind for some reason.
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    autozone sells small packets of dielectric grease for a buck, put it on all your connections ,even fishfinder plugs and connections.
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    Thanks for the feed back guys. I plan on switching over to LED lights eventually but until then I’ll defiantly give your suggestions a try
  7. I used to use Vaseline but tried "Bulb Grease" by CarGo. Works great. Does seem to waterproof. Silicone based. Remains tacky vs. getting hard like silicone caulk does. Came in a small 0.25 oz. tube. Think I got it at WalMart 3-4 years ago.

    Although I haven't tried it for this yet, I would think "Harvey's waterproof Silicone Grease" should be very good. Can get it in the plumbing section at Home Depot or Lowes. Comes in a small 1/2 fl. oz. white tub. It's made for lubricating internal faucet/plumbing parts.
  8. If you use LED Lights make sure you bugger up the threads so they don't come off easy we lost a set in Michigan last week ...in the parking lot plus a lot of wire