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  1. This may seem like a stupid question but... does the water temp go up or down in the rivers with a snow melt? How about rain in the winter months does it go up or down?
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    Can't answer your first Q but the 2nd... winter rain makes the water warmer-Screwing up our ice :(
    I'd like to know the first one also I would think warmer b/c the snow doesnt directly flow into the body of water.... It goes across land which is 54degrees or somthin idk :D

  3. thats my thought also, but the direct runoff on the surface should not reach that temp. In theory the snow melt that enters the river as surface water should be at least 33 deg. or slightly warmer. I guess it depends on the temp of the river before the melt, once again BUT if the snow is melting the air temp is warm and the river should be warming as well. I think Ill do a search on the net. Let you know what I found out.
  4. thats a good question I would say it depends on where the river is and the temp of the water before the melt or the rain. a winter down south the water could be warmer and then get a cold rain or fluke snow and melt that could drop the temp and up north the water could be colder and rise in temp with a rain or melt or i could be wrong
  5. looking at the rocky river from usgs the temp has risen about 2 deg. but I dont trust that it has been down for the past week. They say it it back to normal readings but I dont know.
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    Went out and checked my private lake today, 15 acres, and the surface temp,,4 inches down was reading 41 on my hand held thermometer, hope it's accurate cause I'll be on it later today, the geese and ducks were lovin it, saw several big shad doin the kick of death, don't know it that's good or but but here's to a day on the lake
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    Reelmanly...........thanks for that man...........that will get some "wheels" a turning some where................Jon Sr.
  8. the usgs says that water becomes frigid in river systems when there is a snow melt. That seems obivous but I have seen the obivous not be so.