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Water Temp. reports on any MWSLakes?

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by sawgi2001, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Was just wondering if anyone had any lake temps. recently for Tappan,Pied.,Leesville, etc..? Haven't heard or seen any for some time! THANKS for any info.!!! Hope to have some reports for shore fishing soon!
  2. Don't know about water temperature. I do know that Leesville has about 6" to go until it reaches full summer pool. Check out for up to date lake levels for Muskingum Water District Lakes. I will check water temperature next week at Leesville when I go to my cabin.

  3. Lewis


    Piedmont mainlake temp was 38.9 on Friday.
    Still a little chilly.
  4. water temp at tappan sat,at dam area was 38-39 . cove by dam was around 39 -40. fished with my son marshall from columbus. all that was caught was a 6 in. crappie. and marshall caught it,i didn't even have a nibble.but had fun and found out my boat still runs. baby bass :) :) :)
  5. Lewis


    Piedmont has been incredibly slow so far for me.
    Out of all the MWCD lakes it is always the best producer for early season Saugeyes.
    For years I have always had a good handle on this lake,but this year has been rough so far.
    Two days has produced one Muskie.
    Tried slow-trolled cranks on leadcore,all the various bladebaits,jigs etc.
    Deep, shallow,the whole program.
    Every boat I taked to has been having the same results.
    Even Corey has had a rough go of it lately,unless I dont have his current report.
    I can say this though...the lake had very little winterkill of the small Shad.
    Very,very large clouds of baitfish in the water.
    I think they are stuffed!