water temp. for mosquito and ladue?

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  1. Guys I am on vacation next week and was debating fishing either of these lakes just wondering water temp. so I can determine what I will fish for crappie or bass
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    Last I heard LaDue's water temp was a frozen 32 degrees, hopefully it opens up for you next week though!

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    If we get the rain tomorrow and Friday like we're supposed to,all lakes will be open for the weekend.I watched Lake Rockwell lose 1/2 mile of ice today and the rest isn't far behind.............Mark
  4. Here, let me stick my finger in the water and I'll tell you-

    Hmmm this thing must be broke-- it says SHUT UP and just go fishing!:eek: :D ;)

    Sorry Man! You asked for it!!! Good thing your blood!
  5. ...Last time I heard Mosquito still had a lot of Ice....Ladue was Ice covered ...Only open water was at the 44 bridge Saw this myself...Still Cooold...Maybe you will get lucky...Sorry!!!!!!
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  6. went down to mosquito lake yesterday to watch game and fish put out nets. state park ramp is open. couple friends out yesterday w/ no luck said water temp was 38 deg. still alot of ice up by the north end. the south end is open. let the games begin!!!!!
  7. did you see the dnr pulling anything?
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    38.5 and no fish would bite .. tons of marks in 22-24 fow with fish sitting around 18ft threw every vibe and jig i had.. ramps are open now me and big johnson took care of that..
  9. nice call Smallie:D Now the gloves are off do I here a in boat bet for :B ?:D Where do you want to fish this weekend? let me Know