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    Anyone got suggestions on water softeners for homes. The wife and I are considering having one put in, due to our water is extremely hard. I am not a big fan of soft water for the simple fact that I hate feeling like I can't get all the soap off of me after a shower.

    Is renting a water softener better or is buying one outright better? Are there settings on the softener that will allow you the ability to set how soft or hard you want your water?

    Are there ways to only have soft water go to certain pipes? I don't care to drink soft water.

    Thanks for any feedback or input.

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    I've had Kinetico softeners in both my house and i don't think you can go wrong with them. They are ultra-reliable and simple to use. Depending on where you install the softener you can run a line off of it with a valve where you could obtain unsoftened water for drinking, watering plants, etc. You can adjust the settings - talk to the person installing it and let them know what you are looking for.

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    we have a rain soft little more money but all parts and filter medium are life time warranty and they are very efficient on salt...have had it for 7 years and i fill the salt tank once a year takes 6 bags...no problems what so ever with it
  4. I would suggest you get a on demand softner only. They only regenerate as needed, you can have the plumbing hooked up however you like but it would be an extra cost, most installations are for the whole house.
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    I agree with Go Fish about on demand softner's. They are nice. Sometimes when we use a lot of water, it regenerates nightly. We also have a iron filter from Hague. The iron filter is a love/hate thing. It seems to clog at times and need serviced.
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    mine monitors how much water you use and only cycles when needed thats why it is efficient