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    I was out at griggs this mornning,and i put my boat in the water at the end ramp closet to the parking lot. Boy what a surprise was waiting for me!
    The ramp has issues.Its to short and then you drop off in to the river.
    So i put my boat in and i heard a clunk?;)
    I tied my boat off went to park my truck, And i couldnt pull my trailer out?
    I tried 2 more times, so i called my buddy to help me. Then the guy next to me who was getting his boat in asked if i needed help. Him and his buddy jumped in and picked the trailer up so i could pull it out with the truck. They warned me about not useing that ramp. They also said they use the middle ramp to avoid problems. Once again thanks guys. There are good skiiers on griggs res.
    So for you OGF out there be careful loading at Griggs and use the middle ramp.
    This was the marina at fishinger rd. There are 4 launches there.
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    Whew! I thought you were going to tell us how the skiers took your line while trollin. First sail boats now skiers? dang...

  3. You have to watch once the water gets low ... It sounds like you backed your trailer off the end of the concrete..... Plus there are some big rocks out just alittle farther.... Around the end of the floating dock.... Those ramps can be tricky. This time of year the moss gets wet and you will slide right down them also.... We always use the ramp closes to the bridge... They seem to be alittle better.... You can do the samething at those as well.... I've seen guys pull their axle lose from hanging up on the end of the concrete....

    Normally just back you trailer down until the water starts around the front of your fender.... I've never had much problems unless its real low... Looks like it could get that way if we don't get some rain soon.

    Hope this helps you out some.
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    Yep those ramps get weird when the water gets low. I always use the ones by the bridge. I would reccommend backing in real slow and letting your boat come off the trailer real slow because the slope of the ramp is real steep with the water down. I wonder if you found the end of the ramp. Most of the boaters are not too bad but once in a while if you get a group of guys with a few chicks on board they start to show off and try to irritate you. I was getting harrassed last wednesday by that type or group. They were clearly trying to provoke a response out of me which they did not get so eventually they left us alone and quite shouting obscure words to us. For the most part most seem to just want to have fun and not bother you. The waves they make don't bother me anymore, you just have to learn to deal with the rough water there. The skulling boats will run into you if you do not move though.