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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by bmffishing247, Aug 3, 2007.

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    How many people run a water pressure gauge on your boat? If you do does it just run like a speedo with a pitot stuck to the back of your boat. Do you find these to be useful?

    Thinking about adding one on my boat.
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    I like mine on my boat, it gets tapped into your main water jacket on your engine, i had extra ports on mine so i removed one of the threaded plugs and put it in place, I watch it and the tachometer mainly, I will look back just to make sure the pee hole is dumping water, I remember one time I had noticed the pressure was way up a piece of a very small stick had got caught in the pee hole and had blocked it off, when my water pump needed rebuilt the pressure had dropped way off so yes I think there a good addition, if you fish during the winter months make sure you add a drain to bleed off the gauge or you will only get one winter season out of it..................Doc

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    I think it is the second most important guage (after the tach). Most newer engines are plumbed for it. A new water press guage comes with all you need for most engines. There will be fittings to add on to your engine, but many newer engines are plumbed for a water pressure guage already. Big Mercs since at least 2001 will have a grey tube coming out the back of the block, which is usually routed up to the front of the engine and has a plug in it. You would need to buy a quick disconnect to use as a coupler between that tube and the tube that comes with the pressure guage. As an added benefit, a water press guage will let you notice if your thermostats or poppet valve are stuck.