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Water Plug????

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by peon, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. peon

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    i need some help with a water problem... i live in a basement apartment... and its a freebie apartment as long as i fix it up as i live here... there was an old coal stove in here and we took it out and bought this stuff called water plug and put bricks and this water plug cement stuff in the chimney hole and it is still leaking and my floor is wet i got the carpet pulled up and the fans running to dry it out... and my dehumidifyer running but what should i do to plug this hole water tight. ????? should i have not put the bricks in the hole first????? thanks for the help in advance....
  2. get some hydrolic cement it is used in repairing cracked basement walls. The stuff works good. any home improvement store should carry it

  3. peon

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    yea thats what this waterplug is.. waterplug hydraulic cement... lol thanks anyways. we even put dryloc water proof paint and its just cracking the paint and leaking out...just dont know what to do from here but scream...
  4. A little more detail regarding the problem would be helpful. Is this water problem due to rainfall or is it from another source? Does the chimney serve any other functions? If not, simply plug the chimney of have a qualified individual install a cap that allows the proper draft but blocks the entrance of rainfall.
  5. 2talltim

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    not sure of your exact application...but we pluged a chimney hole in my grandmas basement wall......we just used quickcret to fill the void...mortar mix to smooth it out and dry lock paint to seal it ....never leaked a drop going on 8 years now
  6. Ruminator

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    Like catfishhunter suggested I would install a chimney cap if there isn't one. If the chimney isn't use to vent a furnace, hot water tank or fireplace, or anything else; putting the cap real low to the chimney would eliminate water from falling down it.
    But it also sounds like you may have water leaking in from the ground and need to pursue these other suggestions as well. Good luck with it. Your rent is at the right price.;)
  7. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    depending on what kind of leak it is.... waterplug (the special cement kind) is darn good stuff.... but darned if water wont "find a way".... there must still be a gap or crack, maybe a shrinkage crack....its possible too much water was used with the water plug... .you want that stuff dry, you have like 2 minutes to work with it....

    if you can see a crack try mixing up some plumbers not sure what the exact name of it is but its an epoxy that comes in like a candy bar shape, you mix it up, like kneading it like dough, then it gets real warm because its reacting, then you have like 5 or 10 minutes to work with it...jam it into any cracks or wherever the water is getting into (scrape the paint off first) and let it set, it takes a few hours for it to really set but it says you can use it underwater and i havent noticed any shrinkage problems. jam that stuff in there real good and it might stop the leak.

    of course try to cap the thing like stated above too. unless other people are hooked into that ventillation line(!?)
  8. peon

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    thanks so much for the tips... sorry for no reply... my dsl was messed up real bad. as for the leak.. there is a cap on the outside.... it stopped leaking when the rain was gone and came back when the rain came back.... i got it cleaned up but just dont know what to do about fixing it... im gonna wait till it dries.. and silicone it...or should i do something else.???

    also ill TRY to get back on lol...
  9. hardwaterfan

    hardwaterfan Twinsburg, OH (NE OH, northern edge of Summit Co.)

    did you live there long enough to notice if water leaked into the stove during rain events?

    or did you rip the stove out right away?

    hard one to figure without being there on site but maybe when you removed the stove you opened up or exposed a crack and groundwater is getting in.

    i know this sucks but id rip out the bricks and stuff and try to look in there during a rain and see if water is coming from the vertical pipe or if it is seeping in through the horizontal section of pipe (or the opening) that goes back though the wall.

    sounds like a lot of water is getting in so it hopefully will be obvious(?)

    sounds like, from what you said, being in a basement apartment, the leaky area youre noticing is at least a few feet below ground level. did you use a lot of force to wrench the pipe out of the wall?

    if it is a groundwater leak try to see where the leak is and waterplug the crack directly. wait for it to be dry during rain before you finish the wall off. that way you wont have to get the final finished surface ruined again.

    you want that water blocked off at the source, otherwise youll have water dammed up behind your plug and it might eventually go somewhere else.

    just thinking out loud...hard one to figure without seeing it firsthand...hope you get it figured out!