water level on big darby?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by leckig, May 30, 2008.

  1. anyone went to Darby Creek recently? What is the water level in the "above trapper John" area.

  2. Mushijobah

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    According to the USGS website, it looks very fish/wade/yakable.

  3. Renegade Angler

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    I was just there thursday and the water is clear and warm about 60-65 degrees.
  4. Bubba bass bigfoot

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    good levels. We do have some rain moving in tonight.
  5. DarbyMan

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    The waters puuuuuurrrrrfect!
  6. As of right now, it's about 4 feet above normal pool & coffee colored. We got a ton of rain last night (Friday) in the Milford/Plain City area & it's not going to be fishable for several days now.
  7. streamstalker

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    Fished all day in the Batelle Park and confluence area on Saturday and the water was perfect. I thought I would be screwed when I woke up and saw the radar, but the storm stayed north. I expected to see a significant rise in the water level as the day went on...I'm sure it did come up a bit, but it wasn't really very noticeable and the clarity stayed great--that was up to 1:00 in the afternoon.
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  9. yeah, I went to 3 creeks park yesterday (sunday) noon - the water was VERY high, imposible to fish
  10. Not the Darby but I was just up on the River this morning and it was pretty high, thought I would try to get in on some smallie action with my son but the water was so high we couldnt even get back into our spot.
  11. Bubba bass bigfoot

    Bubba bass bigfoot Lucky Fisher, or skilled?

    When you look at the chart now it shows it being up :( . I was looking to get into smallies tonight. Might still give it a try. Any suggestion in where else to go for LM or SM bass.