Water in Oil - Pressurized Crankcase?

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  1. Posting for a friend cause I think this is ODD:

    Buddy goes to check the oil in his 2005(?) Honda 4 stroke 50 horse. Pulls the dipstick and oil shoots out all over him/engine. The oil is murky...it has water in it. So he drains it. The engine takes 2 quarts, but he drains 4 quarts of oil/water mixture!

    Mind you, a week earlier the motor ran perfectly fine.

    So he takes it to a Honda mechanic who performs a compression check and leak down test. Compression check turns up normal, even pressure across all cylinders. Ditto on the leak down - normal. Head gasket seemed OK, acc to mechanic. Mechanic can't find anything wrong, changes oil, starts it up, it runs fine. Checks the oil, oil looks fine.

    So how does ~2 quarts of water end up in your Honda's crankcase if the head is ok, block is ok, and the engine is running smoothly?

    Anyone have any ideas?
  2. sabotage.

    chances are its pirates



    must be a very slow leak of water getting in the oil. u said it is a 2005 and this is 2008. i doubt sabatage. could be leaking in from a seal or gasket or poss a very small crack some where and it leaks in very slowly but still have good compression and oil is ok as of right now
  4. I would bet it is a head gasket ,it won't show up until the engine gets up to temperature and everything expands did you check head bolts for proper torque
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    Keep checking it after use for sure.