Water Clarity of the Olentangy

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    Went for a little walk with my wife and son yesterday afternoon through Highbanks Metro Park right along the river. I noticed that the water clarity there is significantly better through that stretch of water than anywhere else I've seen. It was almost crystal clear. I was very surprised. Does anyone know what the water was so much clearer there? I checked at two other spots on the river later yesterday and they both looked like they always do: watery chocolate milk. One more question. For those of you (rweis) who fish there, what is the clarity like farther south?

    Ok, one last question. Anyone ever fish the river through the park? Do any good? I saw only one very small SMB, but a few flashes further out. Any experience?
  2. I fished both weekend mornings and the Tangy was so clear I thought I was in Canada. It must be freaking out the fish. Other than one Carp, everything has been within 6 inches of the shore. I'm hoping we get some water and some color before the fall hits. I haven't fished the park area since the 70's.

  3. I drove up to see my mom over the weekend -she lives behind Graceland shopping center (Morse/High). At Henderson road the water was low and very, very clear.

    Same goes for around Bethel/315.

    Where did you check?

    I've heard the fishing around Highbanks can be pretty good.
  4. The Olentangy has been very clear for the past two weeks or so. You could see loads of carp under the 270 bridge. Also fished just south of Home Road and it was similarly clear. Haven't fished at Highbanks. I have taken my son there several times recently so he can collect shells and see crayfish, etc. It is very clear, but very shallow. Didn't see many deeper pools for SMB.
  5. WHOA!

    Clear? You aren't kidding...

    Fished for abour 4 hours today....lot's of Rock Bass...several Fish Ohio Roclies in there...no real small ones hitting, only the larger ones.

    Nailed one Smallie...just in time to show it off to a group of kids on a river walk field trip from school. About 12", set up for ambush in about 3 inches of water...just nailed the fly as soon as it hit water.

    Loved the clear water, wish I had photographic memory, could remember all the nooks and crannies where the fish hide and I usually trip over.

    Really had to move slow, cast carefully and put the fly right on target to drfit past the likely holding spot.

    Also, stood in a pod of Carp...must have been several hundred (no lie)...they just ignored me going about their business, swimming around me and even through my legs.

    Nah, couldn't tempt a Carp to strike though.
  6. Oldcrow- There are plenty of holes in that river as anyone who wades it can tell you. The Olentangy is sort of strange though. I have hit my best fish in the shallows of the river (as brhoff shows in the above post).

    "Also, stood in a pod of Carp...must have been several hundred (no lie)...they just ignored me going about their business, swimming around me and even through my legs" - I've had that happen wading that river too. Makes you laugh.
  7. I always jump when you spook one and he gets airborne 3 feet away from you. Sets the heart racing, especially since I'm usually out on that river in the evening.