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Watch Your Wal Marts

Discussion in 'Hot Deals' started by Richs63Corvair, Jul 30, 2004.

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  1. I went to WalMart in Wooster today and bought a Hunters View,RazorBack tree stand which was priced for $44.87 and when I paid for it it rang up $39.87. Gotta love deals like that. Nice tree stand, a 24x30 floor on it, weight capacity of 300#s. They had 1 left. Well thought I would pass it on......... Rich
  2. 2talltim

    2talltim Bubby wanna be

    i dont care what anyone says I LOVE WAL-Mart...they alway have what i need and at a good price...cant wait till the supercenter in mt. vernon is done in mt. vernon there ill have 24/7 access

  3. If you got kids you will be a WalMart Shopper.Also why buy a Rapala lure at Fin Feather and Fur when you can get the same thing at Wally World for a $1.00++++++ cheaper...........Thats my 2 cents..............Rich........The Bargain Shopper
  4. 2talltim

    2talltim Bubby wanna be

    wal mart has gotten my share of diaper money....iv go two kids....I SPEND $100 at wally world just about every stuff, dog food, personal stuff, and ofcoarse sporting goods
  5. Wally World = cheep imported products that in many cases (notice I said many not all) have and continue to put good Americans out of work and that includes your local MOM & POP tackle/bait shops...
    At the same time its suppliers pay high quality wages (yea right) :rolleyes: in China and 3rd world countries...
    Only wally world makes $$$ and they make allot while they pay meager fines for working teenagers after hrs and use non-union workers at low wages...
    Many here are catch and release which I equate to save a job buy American or from local MOM & POP's...
    Pay the extra buck and save American jobs :D
    Only now are some cities telling wally world to stay out... What is picked up in local jobs is lost when other jobs are lost due to store closings...
    Look it up don't make any snap comments :rolleyes:
    Try going to wally world and get the local lake report or hunting updates...
    my 2 cents
  6. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    atrkyhntr, I don't disagree with you one bit wally world has put alot of buisness out even read an article yesterday about how best buy and them places are getting worried as super stores pop up and wally worlds electronics deptments grow. But like everyone else has said i can't wait until the super center opens in mt vernon. I have 4 kids and my wife stays home and the extra savings is great for me. However wally world still lacks some things i need so i still frequent other hunting and fishing stores and other retailers. I do try to give alot of my buisness to the local small guys in my area would rather see them get the money but sometimes they just can't compete.
  7. sowbelly101

    sowbelly101 Keep'n It Reel

    For anyone in the central ohio area, the wally world on tuttle crossing has Strike king 3x plastics on clearance for 1.25 a pack, normally 3.00 a pack. They have all kinds of worms, craws, lizards, grubs, shad baits.

  8. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    went to loews and k.mart looking for spray adhesive. $4.99 @ all the stores. $3.24 at wally world . same stuff ,just $1.75
    cheaper. but like others i get my sporting goods at other places. the argument of foreign goods doesn,t really hold up to well, because cabellas and gander all sell imported goods.
  9. Remember when Wally World advertised....MADE IN THE USA?
  10. do you think its possible Americans are spending their jobs away?think about it?? they buy at wal marts and save a couple of hard earned dollars but in the mean time somebody got layed off because some foriegn place is making the stuff dirt cheap??there aint no answer as far as I can see but just keep running so you dont fall down?I'm old enuff to remember 25 cent a gallon gas, and we get mad at 1.89! wait till all the chinese get cars and ,I'll bet we pay 4.oo a gal. if I live long enuff I might see if its happens??
  11. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    We have become addicted to the low prices. Wally World has not only put many people (I should say Americans) out of work. Now they are going with "superstores" which will compete with Krogers & will also put all the small town groceries out of business (along with their local suppliers). They have a terrible record for how they treat their employees too.
    I shop there too, occasionally, hard to Sam's root beer...for taste & price. My tackle comes from BPS store here or online somewhere. People have finally woke up to what has happened, they (WW) is taking over all retail. Soon there will be no choice......
  12. Thats what I am trying to say...
  13. Though I do not shop at WallyWorld often, I do shop there. All I can say is that in an economy like we have, there is an answer for all of this. It's not as simple as I'll make it, but I'll try and explain it anyway.

    Losing high paying American jobs is a tragedy. But good paying, union jobs are a dinosaur. They are the way of the past, not the future. People want lower prices from stores, but to compete in a global marketplace, corporations need low overhead, including labor costs. Thats why Honda in Marysville is the model for the future of car manufacturing in the USA and not GM. The UAW would LOVE to get into Marysville. But they would only drive up the cost for Honda, which would eventually layoff people and the jobs would be lost just like the jobs in Lordstown. Lordstown, a GM plant is lucky to still be there. GM threatened to close it several years ago and move it to Mexico.

    Why do you think they built the Honda plant in Marysville? It's far enough away from Columbus that most people in the city won't drive out there to work. These people tend to be more liberal, and more pro-union. Those people who do work there, make good money, and have good benefits. And they make good cars.

    What happens to other jobs lost to the global marketplace. People now have more money to spend elsewhere. That $1.75 you saved on adhesive, you probably spent on something else. Yeah, it adds up. It may not create a great job like my Dad had, or your grandfatehr had, but it will eventually creat a job somewhere. Whether it be in shipping a product here from point A to point B, is another question. But manufacturing jobs in this country are all but extinct. Unions served a purpose 50 or 100 plus years ago. Eight hour work days, 40 hour work weeks, child safety laws....etc etc etc. But now, unions are costing Americans their own jobs.

    I know this will start an argument by some pro-union person. All I need to do is go to Steubenville my home town and see the empty steel mills, the empty pottery kilns in East Liverpool, and the abandoned coal mines in Bergholz, Ohio, to see that union is not the answer anymore. Give me a job at Honda, I'd gladly take it than be unemployed.

  14. tpet96

    tpet96 Banned

    Made in the USA? :) The logo is......most of the clothing will also have tags saying such as: Made in the USA, Assembled in Polynesia, Phillipines, etc.
  15. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    There was a memo disclosed that got them in trouble. Said to avoid hiring inner city folks due to "stuff". They wanted to get country folks with country work ethics. There was a big stink & maybe even a lawsuit.
    In the town where my shop is, we've lost tons of good jobs, Irving-Fox paper closed it's mill (300-400 jobs?) and Sterns & Fosters(300-400 jobs)and Diamond/Smurfit box/packaging Co.(same 300+), not to mention GE jet engines closed on our border.
  16. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    I grew up in a UAW house dad and grandfather worked for GM and sister does now. I now work for a honda supplier make good money and loads of vacation time no cost benefits. Of course you don't have the retirement that GM does. But if all of hondas plants and supplier plants were to pull out of ohio and the usa there would be alot of people and i mean alot of people out of work.

    As for wally world some people just cant pass on the good prices someday when they push almost everyone out of buisness then they will be able to set the price i guess as high as they see fit but for now i buy things there, however not everything if i want a quality item i dont usually go there as i feel alot of there items have went to the way side to keep them cheap.
  17. Fish4Fun

    Fish4Fun Relaxing.

    biggest difference with the japanesse is they live to work were americans work to live.
  18. crankus_maximus

    crankus_maximus Crankus Baitus Maximus

    Warpath - I've been singing your same tune. You said it very well. The highest cost any company incurs is employee wages/benefits. Unions traditionally drove the employee wages up and production satyed the same. Eventually the numbers will catch up with you and you have to shut your doors. Honda is a great example - as well as most corporate environments. That being said, I shop a lot at Wally World. Why? The almighty dollar, or lack there of. If I get better service some other place for a little more - I will shop there. BUT (on a whole) CUSTOMER SERVICE IS all but EXTINCT.
  19. 2talltim

    2talltim Bubby wanna be

    i work for weyerhaeuser we make corr boxes i see our products at walmart all the time...we are a well paid union shop....wally could easily go down the road and buy boxes from a cheaper nonunion shop but they dont...i buy american when i can i buy from local retailers when i i feel i (personally) am still supporting myself when i see weyerhaeuser boxes at walmart and there are a lot of them
  20. Crankus Maximus,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am sure someone in a union out there is fuming. I apologize to them, but it's just how I see it.

    Look for me in 2008, the first year I can run for President. And yes, I am serious........

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