Watch The Ice Guys

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  1. Just got back from one of our ponds here and I was bustin through the first 4 inches of ice /slush and only had 3 inches of hard ice underneath. I know its probaly safe for some of you die hards but not for me.........LOL.........Take Care...................Rich
  2. Perchy101

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    Going to watch the Ice go bye bye. :(

  3. :C Good-By Ice See you next year.....If the good lord's willing.
    :p GOOD FISHING GUYS:) If you noticed I did not say Good Ice Fishing Ha!!!Ha!!!
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  4. mrphish42

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    RichsFishin.........When we get to March and look back to the start of winter, it's time to say, I'm ready to just go fishin....No ice stubby fishin poles...... Open water...... I'm all for it..............bring it on... Jon Sr.
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    Oh yea well..It ain't over till' it's over!!!! Last ice is, ALWAYS, best ice. Except for, most times, first ice is usually damn good. And, come to think of it middle of the season safe ice is pretty cool, too. But anyway it still ain't over yet. You'll see!
  6. I'm not going to put my gear away just yet. This is Ohio and you're right it ain't over till it's over.
  7. I heard some kids were out on the ice yesterday where WormDunker lives and they fell through. I guess there ok....................Rich
  8. mrphish42

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    One thing about ice fishing in Ohio is, it's to, it's totally un-predictable. Is this the year we get no fishable ice.....will it be one or two days long/ one or two weeks long/ one or two months long....Let alone put a label on the parts......I've ice fished over enough years, to see first ice/middle ice and last ice all come and go in less than a week...... First and fore-most.......if you take up ice fishing and expect to do it every year save your money or buy a 40.000$ air boat to fish lake ERIE. New ice fishermen soon turn into x-ice fisherman unless you are in it for the long haul and just the love of ice fishing........ So the term, no ice is safe ice.....came to be. ME.....I've been in LOVE with it for 50 years and thats a long haul.....Jon SR.
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    Remember that the Calendar is against you more than anything, the days are getting longer and we will be boat fishing soon enough.
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    im not sure if ill be able to get out this weekend or not....but its March 5th now, and i think it was a pretty good year to do a lot of ice fishing......

    at the beginning of the year the way the forecasts looked terrible....ill never trust them again.
  11. got some lows temps on there way here comes the lion