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  1. I love to ice fish(when the fish are cooperating!) and really want to get an ice "fix"(that would include some fresh fillets, as well!) but from what I'm reading, and hearing from family and friends, this first go-round of ice fishing has really sucked-everywhere!(incl. ice fishing Heaven, PI) Usually, first ice is the best time to get out! Can it be that the guys who really know how, and get the fish thru the ice, are just not talking about it?? Call me frugal but I really hate to waste my time and gas(money!) to go get skunked. Anyone have any ideas on what's going on? Does this happen in Wisconsin or Minnesota?
  2. I have been out three times.
    Havent done terriable yet?

    Slammed them today on a farm pond?
    Usualy fishing is better though. Everyone seems to be struggling a little including me.

  3. Going to Milton today for first trip. Hope to get "fixed"!
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    like my dad always said, "thats way they call it fishing, not catching"
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    I have to agree. This weekend was rather weak. Most seasons I feel bad over harvesting. Wasn't a problem this weekend. Even the gills were tough. Had quite a few more lookers than takers. And my crappie honey hole never gave up a fish. What's that about. Worse than mid season up north! Sure hope we get another go at it.
  6. Im my experience the fishing on friday and saturday morning was particularly bad. other than that everything has been about normal for me and people that I have been talking to.
  7. Like the man said, That is why they call it fishing, instead of catching. Also being there at the right time doesnt hert either, and noing the fish you are after and what they like to bite doesnt hert.
    On a side note, took the Grandson, Sunday on his first ice fishing trip ever to a pond and got some real nice gills and he didnt have any trouble catching his share.
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    The weekend was deffinitely looking bad after the Friday and Saturday reports from the fishermen in the Portage County area.Sunday changed all that.I had received many calls starting early Sunday morning that the fishing was good.I have customers who fish their local holes like West Branch,Twin Lakes, Brady Lake,farm ponds and numerous guys fishing the strip pits.I decided to get out for the first time myself to get in on the action.I fished a local pit from 6pm-9pm and did well.Caught 35-40 crappie, 2 walleye and 2 huge channel catfish.The guys that headed back out this evening had the same good reports.Hope the ice is still in good shape come Thursday........Mark