Washer and Dryer, over/under

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  1. my grandmother passed away and this is her old washer/dryer set. is it about 4 years old i beleive and works great. no one in the Family wants it, my uncle bought it for her and he thinks he paid around $900 for the set. $350 for both, located in Yellow Springs Ohio.
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    can you tell me the brand and load capacities?

  3. might be sold tomorrow, someone is coming to look at it after seeing it on craigslist earlier. after that OGF'ers get first shot, in order of course. both units are GE brand ( "space savers") , dont know capacity but will find out tomorrow. they are small so i'd guess half of what a normal size is.
  4. these were too big for the potential buyer, STILL FOR SALE! will try and have actual load capacities by tomorrow.
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    can you tell me how tall they stand and the width.
  6. next time i am up there (monday no doubt) i will get all the measurements. i can tell you that the setup in the pic is about 6ft-7 inches. right now they are locked up in Grandmas old place.
  7. for those that PM'ed about dimensions here they are.... Dryer-34inch wide in front, 21inch wide on the side, and 31inch tall. washer-22.5 x 22.5 x 35 inch tall. Still available!