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Was there ever any doubt?

Discussion in 'Sports Talk' started by River Walker, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. Thank God all the bandwagon smack will stop now.The Pats exposed Big Jen for what he truly is,a glorified Trent Dilfer.Pittsburgh is a run-oriented team,that plays tough defense,just like the Ravens did in their Super Bowl year.All the qb needs to do is not make mistakes,and keep handing the ball off.Unfortunately,unlike a great player like Brady,Benny can't sack up in the big games,last week,and again this week.I loved it earlier in the year when the Steelers knocked off New England,and all we heard was how great they were.Right then,I said Belichick could care less about a meaningless regular season game.Then we heard all the "crowing" about Hinz Ward being the greatest player in the NFL.I believe I said that being that Brady already had not only 2 Super Bowl rings,but he also was a two-time Super Bowl MVP,shouldn't he be considered the best player in the NFL? Duh! Case closed on that one.By the way wagoneers,if your quarterback is the greatest thing since sliced bread,I wonder why your "all-world coach" didn't have the faith in him to pick up a measly 2 yards at the goal line-with the game on the line!
    Lastly,I think OGF is OHIO football country-Browns and Bengals,not teams from PA,or anywhere else.Maybe Steelers fans can use those silly little towels for wiping their eyes now!

  2. Tee

    Tee Team OGF

    Nope. :)
  3. With A 1win and 4 losses in champ play.The answer is easy NO NO NO.
  4. I'm still on the bandwagon, and OGF is still STEELERS country!

    P.S Hines Ward is still the BEST WR in the game today

    P.S.S Ben was the BEST rookie QB to ever play in the NFL
  5. It don't mean a thing-if you ain't got the ring! Brady will soon be wearing three.
  6. Big Ben is going to be one great quarterback. But only a steeler fan would say he was the best rookie qb ever. Yes , he did finish with the best winning record , but his statistics were modest at best. Look up Dan Marinos rookie season. As a longtime fan of pro football , do not base anything on ONE season. Remember , Pittsburgh , cut a guy that went by the name of John Unitas, anyone ever hear of him.
  7. Procraftboats21

    Procraftboats21 Original OGF Member

    Ben is the best rookie qb ever and has potential to be one of the greatest qb's ever. I dont understand how you can say Ben was overated.. he won 15 games in a row as a rookie! I dont care if marino threw for 4000 yards and 30 td passes his rookie season he didn't lead his team to the playoffs. OGF is to good of a web site to be represented by football teams that suck.. OGF IS STEELER COUNTRY!!!!
  8. Too deep for me,it's easy to see how he's overated,look at his stats.You're saying he was the reason Pittsburgh won 15 in a row? Gee,I thought it was the defense,and the power running game.Judging by his last two games(in clutch situations no less),I can see why you're so optimistic????
    The first word in OGF says it all,nothing else needs be said!
  9. At least we Steeler fans have someone to root for past mid-season. I will give Patroits credit, they outplayed the Steelers Sunday. But give Big Ben a few seasons and he will be winning post-season games. Sooner or later, Big Ben was going to hit the rookie wall, it's just a shame he hit it when he did. I'm PROUD to be a Steelers fan and will be for LIFE!!!!!!
  10. You do realize the Steelers were suppose to lose since the Eagles won? Can't have a PA Super Bowl.
  11. bassn317

    bassn317 Casual Fisherman

    Ben will be a flop with the sophmore jinx. He will pan out to be an average quarterback in the NFL. Now that the teams in the league have seen him, next year he will be predictable and more teams will do what NE did to him. NE baited him many times to make a throw, then swooped in for the steal.
  12. Do I detect just a little jealousy from the Brown fans? You know what you call a Cleveland Brown with a Super Bowl ring? Thief!
  13. You could be right, but after the Patriots continuously expose Peyton Manning he is able to be a decent :rolleyes: quarterback after being exposed!
    Ben will never be Peyton, but he already has an AFC championship loss appearance just like Kosar had two, so is he already at Bernie's level of being an average QB? Bernie rode the running game and defense in the years of losing to Cleveland's favorite QB John Elway. I am sure there will be differences pointed out aside from the Browns hatred and jealousy of a superior Steeler organization. :D
  14. catking

    catking Banned

    I disagree. I believe Ben will be a very good qb. I've watched him from his college days until now. The boy can flat out throw the ball . He is just having a slump that all young qb's go through. The good thing is his slump pales with the rest. Remember Troy Akieman of the 'Boys ?? He won what 3 or 4 super bowls and his first year he went 1-15 . Now I know with this " I want it NOW" attitude in todays society, Troy would have been ran out of the NFL . Ya gotta look at what a player can do. And the fact is, Ben made passes this season that only the GREAT ones can do . Like throwing across the field on a dead run . He did this numerous times. You don't go 15-1 in the NFL if ya aint got talent.Just my thoughts from a Bengals fan .CATKING
  15. FisherMOM

    FisherMOM Trapped in New York!

    I cannot imagine the pressure Ben was under...
    this year had to leave his head swimming. Things
    happened so fast for him!

    I am very proud of him even though he choked up these last few games.
    He did fantastic his first year as Steelers QB.

    Randle El is my man!!!!

    There is always next year.
    So for the Super Bowl.... I will be a temporary Eagles Fan! :cool:
  16. The statistics speak for themselves that Big Ben put together the best "statistical" season ever for a rookie. Noone can deny that one. And I believe he is a special kind of QB. BUT I do not really think he is the best rookie QB ever. There have been others who have had pretty outstanding seasons but there team was forced to rely more heavily on the QB to do things that Ben was not called on to do. I think the post season is evidence with what happened when he was put to the task of leading his team from behind. I am not cutting him down as a no-good QB but simply stating that all QB's need to go through a progression of learning when coming into the league. His progression was stretched out much longer because he did not really get put to the test nearly as many times as most other rookie QB's.

    I think the Steelers are a much better team having drafted Ben and he probably stands to have a very formidable future. But let's keep it in perspective. He has only played 17 games and even next year will probably show at times that he is not a seasoned veteran. He will have to do what he did this year a few more times before anyone sells me that he is one of the best ever. Tom Brady is certainly moving up into that area on my list. He is an incredibly intelligent QB who really knows how to make the game look easy. I really don't think he gets enough respect around the league for what he has accomplished. When we are talking about streaks, you have to look at his. He is 8-0 as a starting QB in the post season. That is phenomenal. Certainly it has not been all him or even mostly him. But at the same time he has done most everything right in those games to put his team in the position to win. He just does not make mistakes in big games.
  17. In backing up my previous statement . Dan Marino took his team to the Super Bowl in his rookie year 1983. Once there his team was beat by Washington 27-17. I did not mean to confuse Steeler fans with FACTS. How can a rookie season be any more sucessful than going to the super bowl.? By the way , that was Marinos ONLY trip to the Super Bowl. Therefore you cannot base greatness upon ONE season. Furthermore to credit Big Ben with that 15-0 streak is tantamount to saying Donovan Mcnab is the only reason the Eagles are in the Super Bowl. In pro football the qb always gets too much credit when they win and too much blame when they lose.
  18. catking

    catking Banned

    I don't believe Dan played in that game? Or that season for that matter ??? I always thought it was common knowlege that Marino never appered in a super bowl. His team in his rookie season did, but he did mot ?? I may be wrong............ I'll look back on the NFL history .I'm probably wrong .AGAIN.............. :D