was it a OGF member?

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  1. He was very very lucky. My cousin, Robbie Harper, died last year in the Scioto River. He had spent aprox 18 months in Iraq searching for bombs and came close to death a few times in Iraq. He did all that to only come home and die in his own back yard. He had taken his two young boys fishing when his 6 yr old fell into the scioto river. Robbie jumped in and saved his child's life only to die and be found a couple days later. Robiie was my hero and now he is my angel.

    Please guys/gals be safe. Fishing is fun and inturn can be very dangerous. I won't let his death keep me from fishing but it does make one fish smarter.

  2. Have to assume that he did not wear a wader belt and that is why his waders filled with water. I once steped into a deep hole on the Manistee and was swept downstream about 75 yards to a log jam. The only thing that saved me was my inflated waders.
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    Big time eye opener. It's bad enough falling into deep water with waders on but add hypothermea and the odds are not good. Somtimes it's unbelievable how simple piece's of equipment like a wader belt and wading staff can be the difference between life and death.

    Now with winter on us not only do you need to watch out for ice on the top of the water but also the danger of anchor ice. Ice will form on the river bottom under slow moving water so be very careful walking the rivers in freezing temps.Studded boots will help but the danger is still there.

    Woody, my condolences to you and your family. Just like in Iraq, the man did what was needed. He is a hero.
  4. Where you on the Big Man or the little man? Well your correct wading belt, wading staff is always a must! Short glad your still with us!
  5. woodyoutdoors, i think i read something about that. it hit hard for me just thinking about the kids he left and how hard it has to be on that little 6 year old. pass my condolence to the family. Robbie Harper is truly a hero and an Angle now. God Bless that man and his family