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  1. Embarrased as I am to lose another nice buck with the Rage-2 blade, maybe i can help others learn.

    I shoot a 70lb Trykon and religiously practice at 45-50yards. After watching a buck run away with my arrow sticking out of his side last year, i figured "user error" was to blame for this....well not anymore.

    Last night, had a clean 30yrd shot at broadside buck while he was feeding in beans. The release was perfect, heard a big smack and buck ran with his head close to the ground, and arrow sticking out his side. I could see that there wasn't much penetration, but the placement was perfect and the way the buck acted I thought he'd be dead before he got to the edge of the field. Head was lowered as he ran towards the woods.

    Got dark fast, didn't see blood at impact so went out at daybreak and could not find blood anywhere in the beans. Looked for 3-hours and couldn't find a spot of blood, or the arrow.

    How could this be??? And it's not just me. I was with a buddy last year, shooting a Rage and the exact same thing happend with a 20 yard shot. With his Buck, the arrow fell out after 20 yards and he only had 3 inches of penetration. He also shot a doe at 15 yards with a Rage and didn't get a pass though.

    The problem is that you just don't get penetration with the Rage. The first deer i killed with them was at 10 yards and it died within 50 yards, but the arrow never exited the other side.

    It seems that the 2" cut is just too large to get through the rib cage and exit the other side. Or it gets deflected. When shooting from a stand(which i always do), this creates a high entry wound, little penetration and no exit for bleeding.

    Others have warned about this but I was a big supporter of the RAGE. After experiencing this 2-times, i will never shoot them again.

    JTRESS consistently confused

    I would have to argue.... 2 blade rage did wonders on my buck on saturday morning.... bled like a stuck pig.... If you have proper shot placement a field point will blow through a deer.. Usually when the arrow is hanging out of them you hit a shoulder.... I know it is easy to blame equipment, but in my experience the Rage 2 blade, 2" cut work awesome.

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    i use the spitfires, and have had ZERO problems on penetration or blood trail for that matter

    love em.

    keep looking, im sure he bedded down somewhere

    also, we have a deer recovery list to help with searching:

  4. This is why I went back to Muzzy 3 blades two years ago. Shot spitfires and lost 2 deer because of deflection. I can shoot deer from any angle with Muzzys and they don't deflect. The last two deer I've shot with them were pass throughs and went 4-6 inches into the ground. Neither deer made it 50 yards. PlusI can buy 6 Muzzys for the price of 3 Rage or spitfires.
  5. While I’d be the last one to stand up for a mechanical head, you haven’t proven anything. Until you find that deer that you shot “perfectly”, you can’t say the broadhead was at fault. You really need to consider the possibility that your shot wasn’t as good as it looked. Way too many people have had success with Rage heads to even suggest they can’t penetrate past the ribs.
    Very obvious evidence you didn't hit where you thought. You don't hear a "smack" when the arrow hits the chect cavity. Only when it hit's bone.
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    Sounds to me like you hit the shoulder blade. Entry hole is high on the deer so the blood trail may take awhile to develope(if one even does). Also, his body cavity could be filling with the blood if there is no exit hole. I think that could have happened with any broadhead. There are thousands of success stories with the Rage 2 blade. In fact, yours is the first unsuccesful hit that I have heard about with this broadhead. I know Spitfires and other mechanicals have had problems in the past, but the Rage does not have a history of problems, but rather a history of success.

  7. How could this be??? And it's not just me. I was with a buddy last year, shooting a Rage and the exact same thing happend with a 20 yard shot. With his Buck, the arrow fell out after 20 yards and he only had 3 inches of penetration. He also shot a doe at 15 yards with a Rage and didn't get a pass though
    Wow 20yrds and only 3in of penetration !!!!!
  8. Hee is an entry of a rage 2 from my buck last year. 29 yard shot from 12 feet up and was a complete pass through. I used crossbow, but damage is still amazing.

  9. Boston 30- Is it possible that truly you hit the animal good and all, but you simply didn't find the blood trail... the reason I say this is I just got a 13pt- look on here for the "I'd rather be lucky then good" forum.
    When that buck took off I had pictured in my mind where he ran away from the alfalfa field and entered the high weed field. WHen I came back an hour later and started to look- we found blood right at the point of penetration but that deer ran easily about 60-80 yds away from where I had pictured him running. My point is- If you hit him good into the rib cage you should of had some sort of release of blood from the chest cavity above the diaphram- but you gotta be diligent and find those specs of blood.

    last year on halloween I hit a beautiful 8 pt- he was walking by 10-14yds away, quartering away- I was in a stand 20-25ft up... I shot my muzzy a little bit back (I miscalculated his walking speed and didn't shoot as soon as I should of) But the angle was perfect (so I thought) and it should of zipped through and slashed his front right lung all up and exited... right? WRONG!
    First the deer bounds away after mule kicking and stops and turns around to look at what bit him... I see my freakin arrow hanging out down at a 45 deg angle!! He turns and bounds away as if nothing happened.. I didn't even go look that night- I went out next morning and searched for almost 7 hours... ran out of blood spots- After only 80yds into the thicket. That hunt makes me want to get a camera for my bow so the mystery is gone.. I've always used muzzy cause I've broken more rib bones with them and I shoot them like darts.
    Maybe there is a chance that the 2" rage expandables are just too wide and get stopped at the rib cage if the blades don't slice through vertically?
  10. are you sure ur not hitting too far forward and catching sholder
  11. Thanks to all for the advice and sharing. I guess i was a little harsh on the product. I have had success with the Rage, but since I've seen this happen twice to me and once to a buddy, it just makes me wonder.
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    boston30 I have a good friend who had a very similar experience to you and swears he'll never use rage heads again. However I used rocky mountain snypers for three years and had several pass throughs and massive wounds/bloodtrails. It is 5/8ths less cutting width,but same action.
  13. I would guess that you either missed the blood trail or you hit the deer in the shoulder. I have hit a deer in the rib cage and heard a smack. It was a nice 9 point and I knew I hit it, but I instantly thought I hit the shoulder. It turned out to be a perfect shot, but it wasn't a complete pass through. I had the fletching of the arrow still stuck in the deer. This shocked me because I shoot a Horton Legend 175lbs and that thing can really sling an arrow.
  14. I shot an 8pt last year with my crossbow, seen the arrow hit him before he ran off. Gave him 45min and went looking for blood and not one drop at all and no arrow. We just happend to find him 150yds away, and when I field dressed him the arrow was inside the cavity along with the blood. By the way it was a lung shot also,so you might have had a similiar situation.
  15. My 2Cts.

    I have had a few negative experiences with expandables in general. Poor penetration, poor performance, etc.

    If things go well (broadside shot, deer is not moving, very good shot placement, etc), the expandables do a good job most of the time.

    It is the marginal hits where they tend to underperform. If the deer drops at the sound of the bow, or turns slightly to be quartering away or toward, that is where problems tend to arise with expandables -more so than quality fixed blade heads.

    If the broadhead strikes a rib at an angle, or the blades deploy in the same direction of a rib, it can cause a deflection or poor penetration. Because the blades are not supported on expandables, the blades are much more vulnerable to damage and breaking off, causing penetration problems.

    Deflected arrows can cause the arrow to strike only one lung, etc. Shot placement is obivously vital, but in the real world, nothing is perfect. Animals move during the shot, wind affects arrow flight, cold muscles prevent perfect form and shot execution, as does the excitement of the moment. It is those circumstances where a better performing broadhead may make all the difference. Penetration should the the 1st consideration after accuracy.

    I really like the WASP Bullet line of broadheads. They have served me well on deer, elk and bears. Tune well, fly well, hold up well, etc...
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    One thing that comes to my mind when I see these type stories is, is your bow tuned? You can practice all day, but if you have bad arrow filght, you're gonna have poor penetration.;)
  17. switch to muzzy's ive seen them go straight through shoulder blades. i get a pass through every time.
  18. hey to tell u the truth i dont like the rages because they would always rattle or the blades become loose on me when i put them in my qwiver so i woudl shoot muzzy like the guy below me said or montecs are really nice to .. good luck man i hope u shoot a monster
  19. I shot a doe at 18 yards saturday with the Rage broadheads and the deer ran off.I have a 200 pound draw horton crossbow at 18 yards even if I cliped the shoulder I feel a broadhead should still have made it into the kill zone.I am no longer a Rage user as I sold mine on the OGF market place monday.My local bow shop told me that when the Rage lock back there is no support for the blades and if they hit bone the blades will break off.He had a video of test on different broadheads to prove it. I bought muzzy broadheads that guarantee no blade loss.I bought a six pack while I was practiceing with the muzzys my first shot was just over my foam block and hit my 1/2 in plywood back stop the arrow passed clean through the plywood.After a few hours of adjusting my scope and tuneing my arrows I am ready to get back out there we got a whole season left.
    Good luck.
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    Same Lesson Learned Twice By Me. I Will Never Use Expandable Broadheads Again!