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wanted: Salt Fork Bass report

Discussion in 'Southeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Basserman, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. I've read in some of the previous posts that fishing has not been good at Salt Fork this year. Does everyone agree with this? I could see the constuction causing problems; at least the water is high enough to even put a boat in. I'll be there this weekend for the first time this year and I'm wondering what the bass are taking and where they're located. We will be fishing from boat. I figure there are bass tournaments here; does anyone know how those have been doing? Should I concider Piedmont instead?
  2. Everyone that I have talked to have been having trouble with finding Saugeyes and Crappies.There is a bass tourney every Sunday morning that starts at the Morning Glory ramp. That tourney was won with 4 keepers last week . They have been fishing the main lake points with crankbaits. The guy that won the last was fishing a Carolina rig.Dont know what he had on it tho.:confused:

  3. DANG! I've been having troubles catching bass there - but I've caught more than 4 each time out! I need to start entering those tourneys!

    I use a rubber worm - religiously. That's all I ever use - and I've always had decent luck with it. I could give you my secret color - but then I'd have to cut your arms off.

    Good luck..........
  4. Was there at the end of may. caught some crappies, no bass. talked to 1 guy who caught 4 on a white spinnerbait, all small. Stopped by salt fork outdoors before going out, I guess there was a tourney the previous weekend, 30 boats, and not one keeper to be weighed!!!! they were catching, but only smaller fish.
  5. I was there one weekend where only 2 fish weighed in won the tourney - 3.5lbs WON that day and like 2.5lbs was big bass! That was last year......
  6. I dont fish there alot but I have fished it the last couple of years and last year was no doubt better than this year.
  7. Bad Bub

    Bad Bub Pushin' Tin

    i hate that lake.... that's all.
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    Procraft Bass Hunter

    I fished Monday 7/23. Caught 2 dink bass - about 6" in the span of 3 hours in the morning. Got both on texas rig finess worms. In the grass across from the cabin area. Tried crank bates with no luck in my other honey holes:)
    But it was a nice day.
  9. is it open to anyone and what does it cost to enter ?All info would be appreciated.Thank you.
  10. Well the results were as expected; no fish worth talking about. Tried sat. evening into the night and sunday with no fish of any size. I will definately do Piedmont next time I'm in that area. BTW, what's up with the ramp at c-831 not having street lights. LOL. We drove all the way down to the ramp by the dam looking for the ramp further up. Of course we didn't bring a GPS but we had 2 at the cabin. Lesson learned and a funny story. We had a map that showed us where we were supposed to be. By the time we got back there, there were boats coming in and out so we could see where the ramp was.
  11. Fished there saturday 7/28. Had 6 bites and caught 5 Bass. had 2 keepers,1 on a buzz-bait early and another keeper later on a crankbait that weighed 3 1/2 lbs. Fished main lake road-beds most of the time.