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Wanted: Pool Cue

Discussion in 'OGF Marketplace' started by Chuck P., Dec 20, 2004.

  1. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

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    Recently sold my cue so now I'm in search of a replacement.

    If anyone has a cue that's been collecting dust for awhile or maybe you just don't play pool anymore, drop me a PM and let me know what you have and how much you are asking for it...PICTURES ARE A MAJOR PLUS and are the only way short of seeing the cue in person to determine condition for me....

    Not interested in any screw on tip, Wal-Mart brand cues. Only good quality, name brands please..

    Thanks in advance..
  2. bigjohn513


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    don't have any used cue's but i work for a billiard company and can get you a great deal (wholesale) on just about any brand you want

  3. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

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    Thanks bigjohn..Right now I'm interested in Steel Jointed Cues only. I just sold a Muecci HOF 2, and I need something with a "stiffer" hit.

    I'm going over to a friends house tomorrow to look through some catalogs, he's a dealer and gets real good prices also.

    If you could, see what kind of prices you can get on Falcon, Predator, Schon, 5280, and Scorpion cues.

    Just make sure they are Steel Jointed and are straight. I'm not trusting Ebay for a new cue. Too many headaches if there is a problem.;)

    I would like to find a good, quality used cue if at all possible, new ones are crazy on some of the prices.

    Thanks again.
  4. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

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    The search is over...I think....I just bought another cue. Couldn't pass up the price at all. ;) The cue retails for $280 and I got it for under $150 (Brand New) with shipping. :D

    I just hope it's as nice as it sounds. Merry Christmas to me, Merry Christmas to me.... :D :D
  5. Chuck P.

    Chuck P. Here We Go Steelers

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    Here's a pic of the new cue. Sure hope it shoots as well as it looks. Simple design, not flashy. Works for me...

    Good or Bad, I have to keep her for a while now.:rolleyes: :)

    No, I didn't pay that much for it either ;)

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