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August 8th. I picked up my grandson at 08:00 and headed for the Ohio River. We got the boat launched at Schmidt’s Ramp at 08:45, and motored up river. Our 4 lines were in the water at 09:00, clear sky and slow current. We fished the first spot for around 30 minutes for we had marked fish at area. Next spot was just up river about 300 yards for we did not get any bites. My grandson did get a tap on shrimp at spot but that was it. Third spot was in the same general area as the first spot around 10:30; no action again so we headed for the Kentucky side of the river.

10:50 we were at my grandson favorite spot .I had a hard bite on fajita seasoned chicken breast at 10:50 but the fished dropped the bait! My grandson had a bite on a strip of thawed shad so thing were looking up. 11:00 I finally hooked a fish and got it into the boat; not a catfish but a carp! It was 5 pounds and 23 inches the fish liked the strawberry season hot dog. That is the first fish I have gotten in the boat this season!

12:00 my grandson had a bite on French fries. 12:30 we packed it in and headed for the ramp and home. The fish are NOT biting aggressively at all for some reason, just peck peck so the circle hooks never get set in the mouth. It is frustrating to not getting a good hook set.

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